Bose SoundTrue Over Ear Headphones [Review] - Full View

Bose SoundTrue Over Ear Headphones [Review]
Bose is one of those brands that you know before purchasing that you are getting good quality. Bose has a long history in the audio space and so far they haven’t disappointed. We reviewed their Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and even noise cancelling earphones, all stellar products. Can they keep their track record going? Recently we took a look at their SoundTrue Around-Ear headphones to see if they stay true to that record.


Bose SoundTrue Over Ear Headphones [Review] - Case The SoundTrue headphones come in both an around ear and over ear model of headphones. Both come in the same colors. With Bose honestly we don’t expect anything too flamboyant or out there as this is a brand of high class and elegance in our book. But the colors these do come in is just the right mix of subtle with a little flare. The pair we had was Black/Mint. Also available is plain Black, White, Mint, and Purple/Mint. Again the color is just enough to give it some personal flare and personality, without being too flashy. If you are looking for some over the top design choice, these are the headphones for you. But if you want something that matches good looks with good sounds, then keep on reading!


Sound quality is of course very good on the SoundTrue headphones. I had no surprises there. With the SoundTrue over ear headphones, the sound is a unique feeling. I’m so used to in ear or on ear headphones, so over the ear but not touching it allows for this very clear sound perception. The sounds is clear, sharp, and very immersive. I was able to detect all the different elements of the music, highs, mids, and lows. The bass wasn’t on the heavy side like I’m use to with other brands, but it complimented the rest just right. I never felt like anything I listened to was lacking in the bass department, which is a requirement for me.

Overall the sound quality was just what I expected it should be, so kudos to Bose for not letting me down in this respect.


Bose SoundTrue Over Ear Headphones [Review] - Box Okay now this is killer right here. As much as I loved the sound quality of these headphones, and as much praise I have for Bose for their work on this pair of headphones…I really dislike them! I can’t see using them as my primary on the go headphones. It has nothing to do with sound quality or looks. Honestly they need to really figure out their cable management. Maybe I’m spoiled with using wireless headphones, but can someone tell me why the cable on the SoundTrue headphones needed to be so long.

Using the SoundTrue headphones was a exercise in patience and keeping calm. With so much cable, it was always awkward having to hold my phones in my hands or putting it in my pocket. And since I use an Android phones, none of the cool controls worked with my HTC One M8. If I wanted to change tracks I need to constantly take my phones in and out of my pocket, meaning having to deal with all this cable over and over. After a week of this I was fed up. When I listen to my music it is for my sanity, so it needs to just work. If it frustrates me or distracts from just listening to the music I can’t with it. If you will use these maybe at desk or where you don’t plan to move around too much, these are great. But for on the go no. I ultimately decided to stop using them because of this.

Wrap Up

The Bose SoundTrue Around Ear headphones are another great product from Bose delivering expected great design combine with good looks. However the long cables does present distraction to enjoying the music, so thread carefully or have a cable management plan ready. The SoundTrue headphones will run you about $179.95 and became available as of April. Check out more at

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