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Sean Combs has been hard at work to make sure if you haven’t heard of REVOLT you will somehow by the end of the day. The 24/7 music network launched in late Fall to fill the void that has been left by the changing programming of MTV and VH1 which used to air music videos and music related programming all the time but has opted for the reality TV route over the past few years. There has been FUSE TV which has been around for years originally going under the name MuchMusic(MuchMusicUSA) and then changed to FUSE in the early 2000s. As of late REVOLT had even put in a bid to acquire the channel for $200 million but lost it to SiTV Media.

Since REVOLT has been on the air it has tried to stand out and not just air the usual top 100 videos or popular videos that you usually see but step out the box and show you whats trending by means of the social media world, and even give you some backstage access viewing to some of the artists whether on tour or making their latest video. Even though Sean Combs was raised from Hip Hop roots in the industry, REVOLT has various genres of music from Hip Hop to EDM to Rock.

The REVOLT app is destined to give you on the go access to the network no matter where you are. The app has some nice features if your are a avid watcher of REVOLT.

RevoltTV app (3)The Feed: Giving you access to everything known as REVOLT. Everything from videos, articles, shows and the list goes on. There is a filter at the time if you want to categorize just “News, Videos, or Shows”. Also as you scroll down, it will tell you how many hours or days since that particular segment aired.
Video Gallery: This option gives you access to interviews, revolt news clips, and even some music videos. I did notice that the music videos tend to be running though Vevo/YouTube and you can chill on them and they will bring you to the app.
Watch LIVE: Of course this gives you to watch REVOLT wherever you are, whether your on the move, in the bathroom or even at work. For this feature to work you need to have a Time Warner Cable ID and be subscribed to REVOLT in your cable package. At first I didn’t realize this as it captured my login and signed me right in. I’m not sure if it works with Comcast as I haven’t seen the option and always shows TWC.
Schedule: If you have LIVE access you can click on the current show, or you can set reminders or share the show you want to watch with the social world.

So far using the app on Android, its loaded up content pretty swift whether navigating through the various options or watching LIVE TV. The ability to watch REVOLT anything is great and is a continuing trend we are seeing in the TV business with the TV Everywhere initiative that has picked up over the past few years. Exclusively on the app right now is clips from “Making the Brand” following the making of REVOLT over the past two years as well.

If you are interested in getting REVOLT you can download it now either on iOS or Android now. Also make sure you are subscribed to Time Warner Cable or Comcast and have REVOLT in your lineup to utilize the WATCH LIVE feature.

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