When it comes to Bluetooth wireless speakers for your mobile devices, there are literally tons of options available to you. These types of speakers range in price and quality and for the most part, you get what you pay for. I’ve used quite a few over the years as I really like them over the stock speakers on my devices and usually have a few laying around the house for various uses. They are also great for travel, though most aren’t meant to be used in extreme conditions. That’s where the new Divoom Voombox Travel comes in. This is Divoom’s latest portable Bluetooth wireless speaker that features rugged construction, shock proofing, and water resistance. This is basically a more portable version of Divoom’s larger Voombox.


Unlike it’s larger sibling, the Voombox Travel is a round speaker encased in a round housing. It is made from what seems like really high grade textured plastic and definitely does not have that cheapy feel to it. It has a very rugged look and feel, thanks to its construction. The unit I received to look at is completely black with dark gray rubber inserts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor starters, the plastic used on the Voombox Travel is very nice. It’s hard to describe the texture that is on it but it seems to help resist scratches. Even if it does get scratched, the texture seems to hide any imperfections that might appear. The speaker grills at the center are made from perforated metal and they cover both the front and back of the unit. Around the border sits a rather thick layer of silicone rubber that is mostly used for shock absorbancy.The buttons to control the unit are also housed on the border and have actually been molded in as part of the rubber border. There are 4 buttons available to you – two volume buttons, a power button, and a phone button. The phone button indicates that the Voombox Travel can be used as a portable speaker phone as well.

The Voombox Travel can be positioned in two ways. You can either lay it flat, the bottom of which has rubber feet so you know which side is actually the bottom, or you can hang it using the included carabiner. The carabiner allows you to hang it on your backpack, purse, pack, a hook, and whatever else you can think of. You can even hang it on a belt loop if you want. It’s quite versatile and allows for some creative placement.

Overall, the Divoom Voombox Travel features very solid construction and you’ll feel confident knowing that it can withstand some pretty hefty bumps and drops. It is well made and you can really feel the quality with this speaker.


I’ve had good experiences so far with all the Divoom speakers I’ve used in the past. This one is no different. Sound volume on this speaker is really loud and can easily fill an entire room. I’d say that the sound from this is just as good as their larger units, if not with a tad bit less bass. But by far the most impressive thing is how loud they are as stated above and that they are loud without being distorted.


I tested the Voombox Travel with both an iPhone 5 and the new HTC One M8 and both sounded great. I liked the fact that I could control volume via my mobile devices without having to touch the speaker but I could also control volume via the speaker. I also really appreciate the fact that you can skip tracks via the speaker controls as well by holding down the volume buttons. The Boombox Travel also works quite well as a speakerphone too and can easily pick up and hang up calls using the call button.


The Voombox Travel is a rechargeable speaker with each charge lasting roughly 6 hours. It charges via standard USB cable making it easier to charge.

Final Thoughts

As a travel speaker, the Divoom Voombox Travel hits all the right notes. It’s small, portable, loud, and easy to use. I like that it’s very easy to carry around as you can throw it in your bag or hang it from the included carabiner. If you decide to hang it, you can listen to your tunes as you’re going about your business, like if you’re hiking or climbing. I’m also not afraid to use it in this manner because the unit itself is very rugged and looks like it can take a beating and keep on going.

I’d say if you’re looking for a good, rugged, portable speaker, this is one to take a look at. You won’t be disappointed. It’s affordable too so that’s a big plus.




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