Now while Samsung’s Home Entertainment Showcase was mainly focused on their UHDTVs and the content behind them, they didn’t want to leave their audio listeners out either. Their GIGA Systems are audio component systems which have the main speaker and can have the main system attached on top. Functionality can be obtained either from the buttons on the system itself or via remote control. It also can capabilities of playing music via Bluetooth and USB.

Samsung Home Entertainment 2014 Lineup (14)

Samsung MX-HS9000 GIGA System – Samsung’s MX-HS9000 blows the roof off of any party with an astounding 3400 watts of explosive power plus massive 15” woofers. With DJ features and Beat Lighting Effects, the MX-HS9000 lets you be the ultimate DJ, while Bluetooth® connectivity assures the ability to change playlists on the fly. The MX-HS900 will be available this Spring for $1,499.99.

Samsung MX-HS8500 GIGA System – Samsung’s MX-HS8500 integrates the main receiver system into one of the speakers. With integrated wheels and sturdy handles built into the chassis, the Samsung MX-HS8500 keeps the party moving thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity which gives access to music stored on supporting portable devices. Rock the house with 2500 watts of sound and a 15” woofers that helps produce a dynamic range with great depth and clarity. Use the Beat Lighting Effects to elevate the party atmosphere for an incredible entertainment experience. The MX-HS8500 will be available this Spring for $1,299.99.

Samsung SHAPE M5 Speaker (1)

If you are looking for something smaller the M5/M7 portable speakers may be more up your alley. They are reminiscence of Sonos speakers and even have a hub dubbed “Samsung Shape“. Which is also sounds similar to Sonos Bridge too. These speakers from Samsung are pretty slick though with NFC, Bluetooth capabilities and even utilizing wireless connections. The M5 is going for $299.99 and the M7 retails for $349.99.

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