Panasonic Arc 5 Wet / Dry Electric Shaver - Review The Panasonic Arc 5 would be one of those new and possibly one-off type tech items here at G Style. We definitely have never reviewed a shaver before on the site. However CES is one of those places where we run into all kind of technology at one time, and come across something that catches the attention. This is how it was with Panasonic and their Arc5.

I’m not going to lie, if Panasonic had pitched me this through normal means I would probably not have paid attention. I’m your typical non-electric razor guy, so an electric one wouldn’t have been on my radar. However this encounter started off with Panasonic sending me a metal tin which looked like a paint can. This was sent before CES 2014 and it was called the “Man Can”. Upon opening it, it had various products made for men. This definitely caught my attention and prompted me to reach out and accept their offer to hear about this new product they had at CES.

At CES I checked out the product demonstration and was given the opportunity to test out the Arc5 myself (disclaimer I was given an Arc 5 Wet/ Dry Shaver to use). I actually used it once while at CES and while the initial shave was decent, although different for me, it went okay. That’s until my face went crazy! When you use a different kind of shaving method, your face has to get adjusted to it, and Panasonic was smart to put a card with the product to say give it a full month of using to allow your face to get adjusted. If it wasn’t for that I might have never touched it again (LOL). But I hung in there and whenever I needed to shave, I used only the Arc 5. My face did have to adjust and it was torture at first, but then my face adjusted and honestly, I love this thing. I have mainly used it for dry shaving, but I enjoy shaving dry. Before I would only shave wet because it would bother my skin if I tried using a regular blade dry, however with the Arc5 shaving dry is a quick and now painless thing to do.

Panasonic Arc 5 Wet / Dry Electric Shaver - Review -Base First off the Arc 5 feels good in the hand, it does have a little weight to it, but easy enough to get used to. It feels masculine,making it a man’s man shaver. When shaving you can choose quite a few modes. It has an auto sensing mode which detected the hairs on the face so it can trim accordingly, or just a normal mode where you can just shave as regular. Once you select this mode you can have the shaving head stay straight of allow it to pivot and curve around your face as you save.

There is also a trimming blade on the back when flipped up that can be use to some tighter trimming. I’ve used a combination of all of those when shaving with the Arc 5. The end result was a clean smooth shave, that was both comfortable and quick. I tend now to shave when needed dry. I don’t cut up my face with blades like I use to if I tried dry, so that is definitely a plus!

Now after shaving, clean up is very quick and easy! You can activate the sonic cleaning mode and simply rinse the shaver under running water while the sonic vibrations wash away debris. Let air dry and your ready for the next use.

There is two versions you can get, one with just the shaver by itself, and one with the cleaning and charging base. Now this shaver won’t be easy on the pockets. With the cleaning and charging base it will set you back $539.99, without $449.99. So this is only for those who are serious about their shaving tech! But after a full month of shaving with the Panasonic Arc 5, I know I’ll definitely continue to use it. Love that it is 100% waterproof, gives a comfortable smooth shave, and I can do it with my face wet of dry. Then add in the quick and simple clean up, I’m a happy user!

Find out more about the Panasonic Arc 5 Wet/ Dry Shaver HERE

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