I’m a little late with this, but only because right after CES 2014, I was in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show as well. Now that I’m back in New York and getting settled back in, I want to take a look at what covering CES means in terms of walking around and covering the show floor. Plus the many other evening events and extra activities. So to see what CES 2014 meant to me personally while at CES, I had strapped on my wrist the Fitbit Force. This allowed me to track my steps, distance traveled, stairs I climbed and more. So let’s see what I did!

FitBitWeekStatsSo I did a little math here. Fitbit sends me a weekly recap of what I did during the last week (which I love) and I did a little subtraction and addition. I added in the stats from the 5th as I was traveling to CES and subtracted the 11th and 12th since I was back home on the 10th. This screenshots is a snapshot of the 6th to the 12th. Now with doing a little math my CES 2014 totals were.

Steps: 108,129
Distance: 47.48 miles
Floors Climbed: 56

To put this in perceptive, during my week at CES 2014 I did the following. The walking distance I did would be like if I walked from the Bronx, NY and traveled to Edison, NJ. That would of been the amount of walking I did during CES 2014. All in all it was a lot of moving around, and this is THE highest stats collected since I started using Fitbit back in August of last year. So CES surviving CES is no easy task lol. Now to see if I can beat my stats next year!

Ha fun fact about that week, if you look at the screenshot of the weekly stats, you’ll see my least active day was directly after returning from CES 2014 lol. With all of that walking, at soon as one gets home, you relax!

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