FiLip I’m not going to lie, ever since my daughter was born I’ve said I wanted to GPS her so I could know where she was. In this time of thing happening to children you just want to know their location when needed. But your not going to put a chip inside your child, so how else can we do this and in a way that your child won’t mind having this. Enter FiLIP! They have a phone for your child that also has a GPS locator inside.

With FiLIP your child can wear this on their wrist and make easy calls but only to 5 people you program into the device. The phone can also receive only calls from 5 numbers you program as well. Not only is this a easy two button way for them to contact you or grandparents, but there is also a panic button that will alert everyone if your child is in danger. It will each number in a row is the previous number didn’t pick up.

Now once we get back the phone part FiLIP guys interesting on the gas locator side. From the smartphone app, you can see their location and a even if indoors get a good sense of where onside as well. You can also set up zone, so if they leave a zone you set youll get notified.

The FiLIP right now work only with AT&T. It will run you about $199 and require you to add it only phone plan. It will be $9.99 for that line. But this comes with unlimited talk and data use.

We should be getting a review unit to test out after CES, so stay tuned for our future review. I’ll have little junior reviewer wearing it and I will get her thoughts.

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