Jabra Sport Wireless Box
Excuse the hiatus, school is kicking my a** right now but I couldn’t wait to get to these Jabra Sport Wireless Headsets. I must admit on the Bluetooth side of the Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones I wasn’t looking for extraordinary sound quality. Then again at that point there weren’t too many Bluetooth Headset music devices that were up to par as far as talking on your phone and listening to music exuding quality. So now I’m back to hitting the gym since I feel like I went Beastie Boys on myself “Let it flow, let yourself go!” The “tilt, tight, tuck” is back in full effect. From first look I assumed of course Jabra Sport Wireless would be great for running but I was a little concerned if they would hold up in a vigorous workout in the gym. It’s nothing like working out and not worrying about wires and cords impeding your progress. So I took on the challenge and politely took these wireless gems to assist in my workout using my LG G2 Smartphone.
Jabra SPORT + Wireless Bluetooth

Jabra boast how the Jabra Sport Wireless is the perfect gift for someone who loves working out. “World class wireless, tested to the extreme, powerful bass and locks in – won’t fall out.” And gosh darn it they weren’t lying I tell ya! These are by far the best Bluetooth Wireless headphones I’ve used so far with a great battery life. My complaint for most Bluetooth headsets was that they weren’t as loud and the quality sucked. But these babies are hitting on all cylinders. The sound quality is on point and bass is energizing especially for a Bluetooth device. These are even messing with the typical wired headsets you see the masses wearing in the gym. There is so much clarity when taking a phone call in the middle of your workout. The momentary pause in music doesn’t miss a beat in your workout, music or conversation. I was pouring with sweat and the Jabra Sport Wireless didn’t pop out. Kick the dumbbells out my hands and tickle me impressed. (Yeah, I just said that, so lets move on.)
Jabra Sport Wireless Open Box
The wireless stereo sound is ridiculous. The FM stereo FM button turns on that turns on the radio is a beautiful added bonus that allows quality stereo sound of your favorite radio station in your area. You can turn volume up or down, skip tracks, answer or end calls and play or pause music on the comfortable right earpiece. Jabra went all G.I. Joe on these earphones with a Military standard Shock Protection tested to the extreme and what maybe overlooked but wasn’t, the Sport Wireless are dust, rain and wind noise protected with wind shielded microphone. You can charge the headset via Micro USB with its charging port. Jabra Sport Wireless also has different Comfort Eargels that molds to the ear allowing all day comfort. An also added cool feature is the wrinkle-free Nano-Coated flat cable. In Onyx’s Sticky Fingaz voice, “B-B-B-But wait” there’s more! You’ll get 3 months free of Endomondo Premium enabling you to use the Endomondo Status Button with Sports Tracker. Jabra keeps coming and doesn’t look like they’re slowing down with the Sport Wireless Headset. A definite great Christmas gift for yourself, workout person or just to have some cool Bluetooth headset to have about when running errands. Kudos Jabra definitely worth coping at a regular price of $99.99 or you can a deal on Amazon for $84.98. Veeeeeery affordable for quality like this.

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