When it comes to quality  iPad folio cases, one name seems to always pop up and that’s the name of DODOcase. DODOcase has been around since the first generation iPad with their well known and iconic book bound cases that looked more like artsy sketch pads than they did iPad cases. Since then, they’ve been improving upon their designs for each new generation iPad and one of their newest designs is for the iPad Mini. It is the DODOcase Folio and it is a very different product from your usual DODOcase. You see, the DODOcase folio is a marriage of old and new. It’s a traditional folio that holds business cards, a refillable notebook, a pen or stylus, and loose paper. On the other hand, it’s also an iPad Mini case that allows you to be more productive and feature rich. Together, this becomes the ultimate folio case for business users or those who like to conduct their work on the go.

Design and Usage

The DODOcase Folio is very different from their usual cases. Many elements are the same, but the execution of the construction makes it very unique from their regular line. For starters, the DODOcase Folio is not meant to be a thin and light case. Instead, it’s more of an all-in-one that houses many features in a single unit. It’s much thicker than a regular DODOcase, but has everything a working professional or creative minded person would need.


First, what will look familiar here is DODOcase’s use of high quality bookcloth fabric on both the front and back covers. They are applied using traditional bookbinding techniques which is a trademark of theirs. Both covers are very thick, like a hard cover book, and provide very good protection for what’s inside. Unlike other DODOcase items, the two covers are connected to each other via a smooth leather spine that is stitched to each cover. This is thick, genuine leather that is folded over two times to provide a very strong, long lasting spine. It even includes a little pocket on the inside meant to hold a pen or a stylus or both if you have something like the Wacom Bamboo Duo which is a stylus/pen combo.

When you open up the folio, on the left you’ll notice another signature DODOcase design feature, the bamboo tray. The bamboo tray holds your iPad Mini securely with the help of these rubber tabs at each corner. This one seems to hold the iPad Mini very tightly and I wasn’t worried about my iPad popping out at any time. Up top is a bamboo button that is built in to enable usage of the sleep/wake button since this case does not make use of a smart cover. The bamboo tray itself also has the added benefit of protecting the iPad from drops. The rear cover also has a hole cut out for the camera so that you can take photos without having to remove your iPad.


On the right side of the case is where the refillable notepad is held. DODOcase includes a 24 page notebook made from Mohawk Superfine paper. The cover of the notebook features the same bookcloth fabric as the exterior covers. If you lift up the notebook past the last page, you’ll find that underneith it hides two leather pockets for business cards or any other types of cards. These two leather pockets are sewn on to the outside of a large stash pocket made of bookcloth as well. The stash pocket can be used to hold papers.

In traditional DODOcase fashion, the DODOcase Folio is all held shut using an elastic strap that is built into the cover. As a whole, the case looks amazing despite is larger size from the standard DODOcase. The leather spine really adds something different to the overall look and I’ve received quite a few compliments on it, which is great to hear.


  • Book-style exterior featuring high quality US-made book cloth fabric
  • Leather spine
  • Eco-friendly bamboo tray to hold iPad mini in place
  • Leather interior pocket for a stylus or pen
  • Refillable 24-page reporter-style notebook featuring Mohawk Superfine paper
  • Interior dual leather pockets for business cards
  • One large interior slash pocket for loose papers and receipts
  • Camera hole for photography
  • Complementary stitching throughout
  • Available in gray fabric and tan leather, with either gray or neon yellow elastic and stitching
  • Dimensions: 6.5″L x 1.875″ W x 8.5″ H
  • Fits the iPad mini
  • Accommodates both right and left handed orientation

Final Thoughts

The DODOcase Folio is for a specific type of user. Those who just want slim protection for their iPad Mini should not even look at the DODOcase Folio. It is far from slim all the extras it has included will most likely go to waste on you. Instead, the DODOcase Folio is for the creative person or the business person. The fact that it holds an iPad means you can work digitally with photos or conduct research on the go while the paper notebook allows you to jot down quick notes or sketches. Yes I know you can do that on the iPad as well, but nothing beats a good old pen and paper when it comes to accuracy and quickness.

Not only that, the DODOcase Folio looks great and will help you stand out from the crowd, especially if you’re using this for business. Most business type folios are boring black with little style while the DODOcase unit oozes personality. Its traditional book bound cover coupled with a smooth leather spine and bamboo interior make it one of the most unique folio cases on the market.

If you’re looking to stand our from the masses and get noticed, the DODOcase Folio will surely do that for you. You can pick up your very own DODOcase Folio over on their site here. It is available in two different color combinations and retails for $124.95.

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