It has been no secret that back in June of this year I embarked on a fitness program called the Body by Vi Challenge. The goal was to lose weight during a 90 day challenge. At the end of this first challenge (I’m currently involved with my second one), the end of 90 days I lost a total of 31 pounds. While the main component of this challenge involved meal replacement, another part was exercising. It is my effective routine and since I took creatine advice seriously I’ve seen nothing but improvements. While I did increase the amount of exercise I do, I also wanted to find other ways to increase my physical activity. This is where the Fitbit Flex came in.

Screenshot_2013-10-15-10-39-33 I picked up the Fitbit Flex back in around end of June, beginning of July. I picked it up since I wanted to collect data about my walking habits. As I started using it, I started using it as a game to increase the amount of walking I did. Now if you’ve never heard of the Fitbit Flex, it is a wearable bracelet that tracks the amount of steps you take, distance traveled, and calories you burned throughout the day. If also tracks your sleeping pattern as well. This is wear the game came in. I had a daily step goal of 10,000 steps a day. I took this and kept trying to beat out my previous day’s amount. For this to work I kept looking for more opportunities to walk. I would now walk more places instead of thinking to hop on the Bus or Train first. This included my #WalkItWednesdays.

The goal of #WalkItWednesday was to walk uptown towards my home instead of getting on the train to at Grand Central Station. The very first time I tried it, I was able to get to 86nd street. Then finally I made to 125th street and Lexington Avenue. That day I did some 20,000+ steps, traveled 8+ miles, and burned over some 2000+ calories. All of this information was provided by the Fitbit Flex. I wear the Flex everyday and only take it off to charge or take a shower. The Fitbit Flex has a pretty good battery life which last about 5-7 days, so I can for the most part just leave it on and let it collect the data.

The Fitbit Flex costs $99.99 (Best Buy pricing I looked up) and for $99.99 I get quite a bit of data to review and improve on. I get to use it to challenge myself and beat my previous day record. This keeps me in shape, or at least getting in shape and fit without me even really realizing it. Since I’ve made a game out of it, it becomes fun. So if you are looking to game your way to fitness as well, check out the Fitbit Flex. Also coming is the Fitbit Force which I’ll be looking to get soon.

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