As most of you probably know, my main tablet is an iPad. I use it on a daily bases for gaming, Internet browsing, emails, catching up on news, and even for work. It does everything I want it to do and it does it well. However, if there was one thing I wish the iPad had, it would be a real stylus made specifically for the iPad by Apple. Since that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon, I make due with third party styluses from various makers. I’ve used a rubber tipped stylus, metal tipped, plastic tipped, and even a paintbrush-like tip. However, this here will be my first time using a microfiber tipped stylus and it comes courtesy from LYNKtec and it’s called the TruGlide Pro. The TruGlide Pro is a universal stylus that is compatible with all touchscreen. Its patented conductive microfiber tip are smoother and more durable than rubber and allows the tip to glide across your screen effortlessly with very little friction. That’s what sets the LYNKtec TruGlide Pro apart from the others.

Design and Build

The body of the TruGlide Pro is made entirely out of anodized aluminum. The one I got features a matte black shaft with a matte silver pocket clip. The detachable microfiber tip portion is in a contrasting matte silver with a chrome ring at the end of it. The microfiber tip itself is round in shape and in a dark silver color.

truglide_01The TruGlide Pro as you probably guessed allows for you to swap tips. the tips can be screwed on and off from the main shaft. This makes the TruGlide Pro more versatile and does the job of several different styluses in one.

Along with the regular microfiber tip, LYNKtec also sent over their paintbrush tip for the TruGlide Pro. The paintbrush tip is also made of anodized aluminum but also has a much larger portion of it that is in chrome. The brush itself is made with superbly conductive organic and synthetic fibers. The paintbrush tip attachment also includes a metal box with protective foam insert that will safely store your stylus.


  • 4.7″ (12cm) length
  • .6 ounces (16g)
  • 5mm Conductive Microfiber Tip
  • Anodized Aluminum Finish
  • Glossy Chrome Accents
  • Fully Functioning Spring-Loaded Clip


unscrewed2The big question here is whether a microfiber tip works as well or better than a rubber tip. What I can tell you is that the TruGlide Pro works just as well as any rubber tipped stylus. In fact, it’s easier to use because there is a lot less friction than what you’d get with a rubber tip. It glides across my iPad screen effortlessly, similar to the experience I’ve had with metal and plastic tipped styluses. Of course when it comes to accuracy, it’s about as accurate as a rubber tipped stylus, so if you’re comfortable using those, you’ll be comfortable using this.

As for the paintbrush attachment, it’s very similar to to others I’ve seen, but of course the main advantage here is that it’s an attachment that you can take on and off and only use it when you want to.

Both of these attachments worked great with my usual iPad-based art apps, Zen Brush, Procreate, and Art rage, but of course the brush attachment is a little less useful for note taking apps. For that I would use he microfiber tip attachment and it works just like it should when taking notes in NoteShelf.

Final Thoughts

Overall, for those who hate rubber tipped styluses and wants something a lot smoother to write or draw with, consider the LYNKtec TruGlide Pro. It’s one he smoothest and quietest styluses I’ve used and it’s also very well made being that the body is anodized aluminum. I really appreciate the fact that you can replace the tip on it and you aren’t limited to just having the regular microfiber tip. The brush attachment is great for artists and it’s nice to have that option.

Price wise, it’s not too expensive either if you shop around for it.

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