Last week I had the pleasure to meet a great gentleman by the names of James from Damson Audio which is based out of the UK. He was meeting me to show off a pair of Bluetooth speakers. I decided to throw a monkey wrench in the game and had him meet me in the middle of midtown Manhattan where there wasn’t going to be a guarantee of a purely quiet area. James accepted my challenge and we headed to a nice seating area alongside an office building and James went to work.

IMAG0444 Placing the Jet speakers on two metal surfaces about maybe 10 feet apart from each other, he turned on the Bluetooth on his iPhone and began the demo. At the exact same time a couple cars, a delivery truck, and general people were moving about. Now I’m going to assume James is a fan of Michael Jackson since he chose a few songs of his for this demo (nice choice by the way), but the music sounded great. I stood a few feet away from the speakers and was able to hear the music clearly even with all the background noise. Now mind you Damson Audio isn’t marketing the Jet to be for outdoor use, but if it can hold its own in this condition, inside would be a cake walk.

Set to launch this week, with a price point of $179 for a pair. These are definitely some speakers to watch, so keep an eye out for them. We’ll be back with a full review once these launch.

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