Toq-Black While Apple and Samsung recently have taken the front seat when it has come to Smartwatches, another potentially entry on the scene comes from a manufacturer most know for powering many of our other devices like smartphones and tablets. Qualcommn recently unveiled it’s Toq Smartwatch.

Some of the things the Toq Smartwatch has going for it against the more recently talked about Samsung Galaxy Gear, would include both it’s Mirasol technology based display which allows it to be seen much better in direct sunshine. Also the fact that this watch with work with more than just one Smartphone right now. So if you didn’t plan on picking up the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you’d still have a Smartwatch that will work with you device (at least having a higher chance).

However while the Toq Smartwatch does have promise and looks interesting, right now there is a chance Qualcomm won’t mass market this device and it remain as a proof of concept. Also to truly see if this Smartwatch has the right stuff, we would need to put it through it’s paces. Stay tuned as we see if we can get a hold of a unit to give it a full run through. Until then, be sure to keep an eye for this one.

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