Galaxy Gear Watch (2)

What is looking to gain more attention than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the Samsung Galaxy Gear. While we have seen companies create smart-watches before, Samsung looks to take it another level and provide as much compatibility with your Note 3 device as possible. Samsung is banking on this device to be a winner and testing it out they may just do that.

Putting on the watch it felt just as light as my G-Shock watch. It has a 1.63in SUPER AMOLED display and looks great on such a small screen. Syncing it up with one of the Galaxy Note 3 devices on display I was able to go through galleries, walk around a bit and see the pedometer count my steps and even make a call from the watch itself. I watched the Note 3 light up as I made the call and I had the option of either using the phone or using the watch with its built in microphone speaker. There are two noise cancelling spots on the watch and also the speakerphone on he actual watch banner. Using your watch as a phone can be awesome for quick calls.

Do you see the Samsung Galaxy Gear accompanying your Samsung device? On Sept 25th we will find out.

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