I’ve been rockin’ this “Do Me Now” track for a minute. It’s fiyah, a laid back sexy tune appealing to both the sexes with a nice flow from Hit Boy. Visually a beautifully shot video directed by Eric Wareheim , K. Roosevelt and Jelani Lockhart “location, location, location.” lol. That alone maintains some of the sexiness of the song but I will have to admit I was a little let down that the music video didn’t focus a little more on visually exploring the lyrics, even just maybe with more sparks flying with a female lead in the video. I can understand if the reason is the song itself exudes that enough but naaaah I’m looking for that if for any other song that’s out now, this song should’ve rolled with that. But hey, that’s just my opinion and the song is still hot not changing my opinion of the song soooooooooo still “Pump the Jumpies” on this piece!

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