Down here in Central Florida I feel like my day isn’t complete unless I get
almost drowned in a Flash Flood or on scorching hot days I can trot over to my pool. My issue is that my iPhone is usually glued to my palms since I am a bit of a textaholic. However, the pretty cases I usually dress my iPhone up in unfortunately don’t usually protect it from potential drowning.

I usually sit in a beach chair texting away afraid of what may happen if I even touch the water iPhone in hand – since I am without question the biggest klutz I know.

I’m a bit of an accessory snob so I didn’t want a case that looked like a snowsuit for my phone I wanted more of a sleek wet suit (pun intended) type case and when I came across LifeProof fre cases and all their uber fabulous color combos I had to have one. From the outside it looked like a perfect addition to my every growing accessory closet it looked like I could still be cute on the way to the pool, by the pool, in the pool – the mandatory dairy queen run after the pool…etc. So does it function as good as it claims?

Design & Style

The LifeProof fre is said to be the thinnest, lightest, toughest, most functional all-protective phone case available helping it to stay in line with iPhone 5’s sleek style. It also provides restriction-free access to all functions, buttons, controls and ports. Even though the LifeProof fre is crafted from what feels like plastic – it’s not the cheap collect all the lint in your pocket plastic a lot of iPhoners tend to complain about. The case appears rugged but it feels nice in the hand and aside from the LifeProof branding in the back there is nice little rear “window” for those of you that like everyone to know that YOU have an Apple device.

It comes in 10 different color combinations that compliment both the Black/Slate and White/Silver iPhones. The case also touts a CrystalClear double AR-coated optical-glass lens so you won’t have distorted videos or pics. In addition to the Fre Case, in the box you get a cleaning cloth, headphone adaptor and headphone jack cover keeper. The headphone adaptor and jack cover keeper help ensure that you can listen to music using your headphones and your phone still remains untouched by the elements. SCORE !!

As an added bonus the Fre has enhanced speaker ports to deliver maximum acoustic output and clarity. They are able to achieve improved base and mid frequency sound by channeling sound through the back of the case giving you the full sound spectrum. I did hear a slight difference and improvement in sound. Not on the level of the HTC One’s Boomsound but definitely a step up from Apple iPhone 5’s stock sound.

Proofs of Life

LifeProof designs their cases “to go everywhere life takes you”. Even with the most basic handling you will encounter Water, Dirt, Snow and Shock – LifeProof fre is designed to stand up to all Four Proofs.

It also been crafted to meet military specs for surviving yet still function after typical daily non repetitive shock that can occur during day-to-day handling.

Final Thoughts

I’ve used this case for over a month now on days I know I will spending more time than usual around elements I am prone to either fall or drop things into. My biggest concern was water since it rains like crazy here and this is the time of year I see my pool more than my bed. To be completely sure it can withstand longer than usual exposure to moisture not only do they personally test every case they make they have an independent third-party agent perform additional testing and only ship the cases that pass both tests. To further convince you it’s safe they provide instructions on how to perform your own water test prior to using the case to ensure nothing wonky occurred in it travel between their warehouse and your phone/home.

I was sent a Cyan/Black case to review and I’ve used it with both my Black iPhone 5 as well as my new white one and it is just as flattering on both devices. My life is pretty vanilla compared to most so since ’tis the season for surfing, beach hopping and a few other outdoor adventures this case is definitely worth the $79.99 price tag and can be purchased in the color combo of your choice on their site Happy Dunking!!

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