Ford has a great car collection of car. I’ve personally test driven the Mustang, Taurus, Focus, Explorer, Flex, and a few others. When the chance to test drive the Fusion I jumped at the opportunity. This past winter was my first opportunity with driving a Fusion ever. When the Fusion first was introduced it didn’t quite catch my attention. However the 2013 model has a new look which I definitely needed to check out, but was it G Style worthy?


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The 2013 Ford Fusion has had a makeover for the better, the car is quite attractive now, and even have a Aston Martin kind of look to it for the front. With this makeover the Fusion went from an okay mid-size car to a sedan you want to get behind the wheel of. The highlight when it comes to the style of the Fusion is all in the front, it is just so hot looking from the front. Starting with the center grill and mini grill below it, to the front headlights and distinctive lines on the hood of the car, the Fusion from the front commands attention!

As you move along the side and to the back the definitive looks lessens a little but still looks good. Overall the Ford Fusion makeover has turned it from common looking to something that definitely stand out in a crowd!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Like with most Ford and Lincoln cars, the tech inside is there and available easily when you need it. Using Microsoft Sync the Fusion has everything I need from my car tech. Bluetooth connection for phone calls and streaming music is there. Onboard navigation is also present. From there you have satellite radio available as well, which should be pretty much standard in this day and age!

In general I’ve been a fan of the tech that gets put into Ford and Lincoln cars. It is easy to connect to and doesn’t bug out on me like some other cars.


I truly enjoyed driving the Ford Fusion. The Fusion is a car with style appeal, good performance, and enough tech inside to keep me content. It all starts with me with style, this wouldn’t be G Style If it didn’t. I have to see the car and go wow I want to drive that, the Fusion does that for me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA From there once I’ve been enticed to get in, the very first thing I do is connect up my phone to the car. If this is available for me to do and can be done easily then you just about sealed for deal. And finally if the ride is smooth, exciting, and comfortable; then we have a great car on our hands. The Ford Fusion has all of these.

Wrap Up

The 2013 Ford Fusion is one car that deserves a makeover of the year award. The only other car that could share this award with it, would be its family member the Ford Taurus. This new version looks amazing. Cost wise the Fusion will cost you about $21,900 to start at the base level. So quite afford if you have budget constraints.

If you are looking for an mid-size sedan, I encourage you to take a look at the Ford Fusion. I can guarantee that first look will end in a double take!