2013-05-08 11.40.37 myCharge is just one of those companies any gadget loving user is just going to go wide eye for, because of the simple reason; They keep you in power as your on the go. We’ve been already familiar with them back when they started off with their myPowerBag products which to this day I still love. Taking the technology from there, they decided to take the battery out of the bag, and the myCharge products were born. I’ve talked about myCharge before on G Style, with the first one I checked out the Summit 3000. S ince then I’ve used the Peak 6000 and now checking out the HUB 6000.

I won’t do a full on review as the concept is pretty simple, plug you device in and charge on the go. I will however talk about some differences I notice with the Peak 6000 and now the HUB 6000. First out the gate and always the first thing I notice is the style. The HUB 6000 looks very different from the Peak. In my opinion due to its size it is still a brick, but this time around that brick has some shape to it. The Peak had more of your traditional brick look. Flat, square-ish look and thick. Also the cables had a mix of gray and neon green on either side of the device.

2013-05-08 12.12.35 With the HUB 6000, it is still thick (actually side by side thicker then the Peak 6000) but this time around less of a square-ish look and more of a shape I can’t even really describe. I would say like a mini vaulting horse in silver and gray. This time around the entire unit is gray/silver with the cables coming in gray as well. No neon green present on this one. Also instead of the cables being places on both sides, all of the cables release from top/underside of the charger.

Speaking of cables, the HUB 6000 has cablle for MicroUSB and the new iPhone Lighting connector. So for those of you who recently moved to an iPhone 5 or another device with Lighting, there will be no need to use an extra adapter on this one. The HUB 6000 lets you charge not only MicroUSB and Lighting, but if you have a device beyond those, just bring the USB cable for it and you can charge as well. The HUB likes to think of itself as the “Swiss Army Knife of portable power devices”, and with its combination of charging abilities it certainly is.

2013-05-08 12.11.51 There are a few things I missing from the Peak 6000 that isn’t present in the HUB. For example, on the Peak 6000 you could check the power levels of the battery by pressing a button on the top of the device. This is still possible on the HUB, but gone is the voice element. The Peak 6000 would audibly tell you how much remaining power you had and when it was actively charging a device. This was a very cool feature when you wanted to know how much power was left without actually looking at the charger. The HUB 6000 does let you know but it is more visual. When you connect a device to it, it will blink green for a second letting know you it is in operation. When you disconnect it blinks red for a moment.

All in all the myCharge HUB 6000 is a nice evolutionary upgrade from the previous models. It looks better, gets the job done in the same fashion as the old, and adds in support for the newer iPhone 5 (us Android people don’t have that issue lol). The HUB 6000 will run you $119.99, but it also comes in a 3000 model for $89.99 and a beefy 9000 model for $149.99. You can check out more information at www.mycharge.com, and can purchase the 3000 and 6000 models now in stores. If you would like to order online, they should be available in the coming weeks!

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