Forged Black/Nickel Gunmetal

The Adopted Forged Case is an iPhone 5 exclusive and is similar to the previously reviewed Adopted Caplet Case – high gloss finish, aesthetically pleasing and vibrant color selection. What sets the Forged Case apart is the rubberized internal panel for added shock absorption and slide design with detachable bottom for easy docking.

It not only serves as protection for your phone but a very stylish fashion accessory.

Style & Design

The Forged Case sports a more business chic look with the cast metal button guard and trim giving it a subtle twist. The cast metal gives the case a bit of a fashionable flare by adding just the right amount of accent to the color scheme.

In hand it feels very sleek and smooth yet not so slippery you fear dropping it. The case leaves you access to all your ports and doesn’t impair the mic or speakers.
Even though the case is in two pieces it fit very securely and is very easily removed. When the case is fully assembled it doesn’t look like it’s in two pieces. The Forged case is available in several color offerings. Black/Nickel Gunmetal Trim, Aqua/Silver Trim, Cacao/ Copper Trim, Storm/Black Trim and White/Gold Trim.

Final Thoughts

I really love the Adopted Cases. I am a huge fan of their craftsmanship and attention to detail. Where the Caplet Case was maybe more fashionable than functional the Forged Case makes up for by offering a nice balance of both. Some may find it a bit pricey for $49.95, but if you check out the site and get a sense for how much actually goes into making these cases I say it’s pretty reasonable.

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