New York International Auto Show - G Style Magazine - Subaru WRX Concept Car

This week the New York International Auto Show is open at the Jacob Javits Center on 34th street and 11th ave. Last week I attended the show during the press days and saw a lot of very cool, stylish, and sexy cars! Below is a few take aways that really caught my attention.

New York International Auto Show - G Style Magazine -  2014 Buick Regal GS When I walk an auto show floor I’m always on the hunt for a cool car with a decent price range. Cars that usually catch my attention are ones from Chevy, Dodge, Ford, and Mazda. From there I circle around and see what else catches the eye. I have to start this off with the line up that really caught me off guard. This being Buick! I would easily call them out as the most surprising lineup at this year’s show. I never thought of Buick as a bad car, but just one that my father would buy. It just has a more mature taste to it. For 2014 though Buick takes the LaCrosse, Regal, and Regal GS in a more youthful direction. From the more sexy defining lines, to the interior, and new infotainment system thus isn’t your daddy’s Buick.

New York International Auto Show - G Style Magazine - Corvette Stingray While I cruised around the GM umbrella located in the North hall I also saw Chevy doing their thing with a newer 2014 Camaro, the new Camaro Z/28, the new Corvette Stingray (this also isn’t your daddy’s Corvette), and the new Chevy SS which gives you the power of a Camaro in a sedan. Moving on to Cadillac, they had the release of the new CTS which is just bad ass!

It was really hard to leave the North hall as GM was just on a roll this year. Once I stepped out I checked out the Scion FR-S which is just a beauty to look at. Two door coupe that gives you a sports car look and feel without the high cost. Also passing by the Audi booth, the always impressive R8 in this truly beautiful pearlescent blue! Mazda showed off a new Mazda 6 with sky activ technology, and Ford had some line refreshes as well.

New York International Auto Show - G Style Magazine - Subaru WRX Concept
Winning the concept car category for this year to me was the one from Subaru. Their WRX concept looked like pure bliss. Located on the lower level, you must see this car. But then this is what I hate about the auto show. A concept like this needs to come out in production. If this never makes the showroom floor I’d be upset. But yes this car looked awesome.

The New York International Auto Show is open everyday from 10am-10pm until Sunday which is the last day with it closing at 7pm. It will cost you $15 for adults and $5 for kids. Have a look below of some of the cars I personally thought were cool!