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Powerocks Tarot – A 1500mAh Battery Charger for Smart Phones Review - G Style MagazineThere are tons of external battery charges out there that you can get for a bit of added security when out and about. Mainly you’ll want to use these to give you a few hours of extra juice on your smartphone when running low on power. Yes you can use a battery case that is a battery and case all in one, but not everyone likes the look of this as it makes your phone noticeably thicker and heavier. Luckily, there are still companies out there who make external charging packs that you can just throw in your bag and use when needed. One such company is Powerocks which carries an array of different battery solutions depending on your needs. Today I’m looking at the Powerocks Tarot which is their slimmest and lightest charging solution that features a 1500mAh charging capacity.

Design and Build

This thing is tiny. It’s about the size of a credit card with a 7.2mm thickness. That means technically if you wanted to, you could carry it in your pocket but since you have to use cables with it, it’s better left in your bag.

Powerocks Tarot – A 1500mAh Battery Charger for Smart Phones Review - G Style Magazine PortsThe top and bottom of the Tarot I’m assuming is made of aluminum which is anodized with color. In my case, they sent one that was anodized in what looks like a light shade of pink. I’m not too worried about the color however as it will stay mostly in my bag. The rest of the Tarot is finished off in plastic, and again in my case, it’s glossy white plastic. It does kind of have that Apple look to it but you can still tell it’s a third party device.

On the top, you’ll find a white button that you can press which lights up the 4 LED lights. These show the amount of charge that is left in the Tarot. Obviously 4 lights means that each light indicates about a quarter of power left. Charging the Tarot is also really simple. Just plug in the included micro-USB cable into one end and the other into a power source. It take a couple of hours however for it to fully charge back up. To charge your devices, just plug your devices charging cable into the full sized USB port on the Tarot.

I’ve tried a few devices on the Tarot just to see if they would at least show that it’s charging and so far, it has worked for almost everything I’ve plugged into it. The iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPod Touch, and BlackBerry Z10. It even started charging up the iPad Mini, although I don’t think it would provide that much of a boost on there.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Powerocks Tarot is a good slim charger for emergency power. It may not have the largest battery out there, but it will at least provide a few extra hours of power that will help you get through the rest of the day if you’re away from a charging source. It’s also small and light enough where you can easily throw it into a bag and it won’t impact your total weight.

The Tarot is cheap too as I’ve seen it on some sites for as little as $25.00. That’s definitely not a bad price at all to pay for several hours of extra power. It even includes a handy carrying case and charge cable.

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