You ever find yourself tripping over the cords of your earbuds/headphones while at the gym, jogging or biking?

I tend to use wired headphones when out and about for fear that if I went wireless I’d be on borrowed time and time constraints is something I’d rather not have to worry about when working out. No matter how awesome the headphones are, mangled cords seemed to come with the territory. Then I heard about Klingg. Did it solve my mangled cord dilemma? Let’s see

What is Klingg

Klingg is a 2 piece magnetic system that helps keep earphones in your ears by holding cables to your clothing using powerful neodymium magnets. The Klingg is wearable through lightweight material or even thick winter wear. It’s simple to use.

So Easy-3 Easy Steps

The front side featuring the Klingg™ groove is worn outside your clothing to hold your headphone cables or earbuds in place. The rear part of the Klingg™ goes inside your clothing to magnetically hold the Klingg™ firmly to the front piece

How to use Klingg
How to use Klingg
  • First press the earphone cable into the slot
  • Slide to separate Klingg from its base
  • Place it wherever you want on your clothing

An added bonus is that when your cables are not in use, the earbuds can be magnetized to the sides of the Klingg. I’ve tried them with my iPhone 5 earpods and iPod 4th gen earbuds and both stayed put until I was ready to use them again.

Worth the Buy?

Klingg™ is one of those accessories you didn’t know you needed until you use it. I thought mangled cords was one of life’s nuissances I could do nothing about.

The Klingg™ is available in 8 different color combinations. The Klingg™ groove and soft side grips are colored to match each Klingg™, which means you can have one to match any outfit. At a price point of $19.95 I can’t think of any reason NOT to get at least 2. You can head on over to their site to purchase today

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