Here are a trio of iPad Mini case from Boxwave which all feature built in covers for total coverage and protection. Though they are all from the same manufacturer, each has their own unique look and features to them which may make you want to get more than one. For me, I know that I can’t just have one case as there are times when different situations call for different cases. Luckily, most of these cases now are fairly inexpensive so it is possible to get 2-3 cases and rotate them as you see fit.

I’ll be looking at the Slimline Smart Case, the Midnight Crocodile Folio Stand Case, and the Leather Book Jacket Case today from Boxwave.

Boxwave Slimline Smart Case

apple_ipad_mini_slimline_smart_case_black_lgI’ll start off with the Boxwave Slimline Smart Case as there will be quite a bit of people who prefer this type of case ofver the slightly larger folio cases. The Slimline Smart Case is basically a hard, polycarbonate rear shell paired with a Smart Cover like flap. I looked at another case last week that was similar to the Boxwave version but this one is much better.

For starters, the hard shell covers more of the iPad mini. It wraps around almost the entire outer edge of the iPad mini except for the bottom edge and it has openings for all the ports, buttons, and speakers. It is also incredibly thin and light so using the Slimline Smart Case will add barely any bulk at all to the overall thickness of the iPad mini.

What really makes this case better is the fact that the cover functions as a “Smart Cover” where as the other one did not. That means the cover contains tiny magnets that will activate the automatic lock/unlock features of the iPad Mini. This is very handy as it means you do not need to manually press the sleep/wake button each time to turn on/off you iPad Mini.

The Slimline Smart Case is also quite stylish as the cover is made of a leatherette material which also extends all the way to the the rear of the case so that it doesn’t look like a giant piece of plastic in the back. On the inside, the case is lined with a soft microfiber to keep you iPad Mini from getting scratched. It’s available in three different colors – Black, Brown, and Pink, and is priced at $27.95.

Boxwave Midnight Crocodile Folio Stand Case

apple_ipad_mini_midnight_crocodile_folio_wstrap_main_lgThe next case on my list is the Boxwave Midnight Crocodile Folio Stand Case. This is a step up from the regular Slimline Smart Case and as you can tell from the name, it is a folio style case. It however isn’t really made out of real crocodile skin and instead is made of vegan leather that has been textured to look like crocodile skin. The interior of the case is lined with a soft, microfiber like material which again, will protect your iPad Mini from scratches.

With the Midnight Crocodile Folio, you just slip your iPad Mini in from the inside side and then tuck the flap back in to lock it in place. It has a frame like look so it will cover up most of the iPad Mini’s bezel, like mostly all folio cases do. It has a built in cover so just open to use and close to store. Like the Slimline Smart Cover, the Midnight Crocodile Folio has magnets built into the cover which activate the lock/unlock feature of the iPad Mini. There are also magnets built into the inner frame of the case which allow the cover to lock in place when closed. This keeps the cover from flapping around when not in use.

Now, this case has a few features which you do not see that often with other folio cases. For starters, there is an elastic hand strap built into the inside of the cover which allows you to strap it around your hand for more secure one-handed usage. I’ve only seen this feature on a handful of cases. On the inside cover, there are also handy card pockets that let you carry your credit cards, ID’s, or business cards. It even has a built in stylus holder on the outside. Last but not least, you can fold the front cover back and turn it into a stand that angles either for viewing or typing.

Overall, the Midnight Crocodile Folio Stand Case is a stylish, professional looking case with very good features built in. It has a lot of “business” type features you’ll want if you use your iPad Mini for work and the crocodile look will surely get you noticed in the boardroom. It doesn’t cost that much either as you can pick one up here for $24.95.

Boxwave Leather Book Jacket Case

apple_ipad_mini_leather_book_jacket_ww_stand_front_lgThe last case on my list here is the Boxwave Leather Book Jacket. Just to be clear, though it says leather, it’s not real leather. It’s made from “animal free” synthetic leather. This case is different from a folio case although it does kind of look like one. Instead, it is referred to as a book jacket because it snaps on to the outside of the iPad mini and then covers it like a jacket. The interior is lined with a soft cloth that helps protect your device from scratches.

What makes the Book Jacket different is that it basically just holds the iPad Mini in place using a series of corner tabs and two strategically placed prongs, one on the top and one on the bottom. You slide you iPad Mini through the two prongs and then just slide it up all the way until the corners sit comfortably within two of the little tabs. The other two tabs on the other end can snap on and off depending on how you are using the case at the time. It sits pretty securely in the Book Jacket and all 4 corners are protected from drops, but the edges themselves are not. Three of four edges are exposed when open, but when closed, really only the top and bottom are exposed.

The cover used on the Book Jacket is very stiff and will offer good screen protection during storage. The inside of the cover has grooves built into it that are used to angle the iPad Mini for either viewing movies or typing. This method is actually much sturdier than the methods used by the other two cases above for propping up your iPad. The cover also has this tab that comes out of one side which when you close the cover, it latches onto the side of the iPad Mini and locks the cover into place. The only thing missing from the Book Jacket however is a built in magnet for the automatic lock/unlock feature. You’ll have to do that manually.

Overall, not a bad case if you’re looking for a case that can work as a stand and one that has a very secure closure system. The only thing I wish it had where the magnets built in but other than that, a good case. The Book Jacket comes in either Winter White or Classic Brown and costs $29.95.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a company with a wide variety of cases, Boxwave is that company. What I looked at above was basically a small assortment of a much larger collection of cases they have for the iPad Mini. For the most part, I was quite pleased with all three of these cases as they represent 3 different styles of cases you’ll probably come across in your search for the perfect case. Each are very good examples of their case types and would be a good buy. My favorite however has to be the Midnight Crocodile Folio case thanks in part to its eye catching crocodile textured exterior and the extra features like the hand strap and the card pockets. Very good value for the money.

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