Today I’ll be taking a look at the last two cases that Cygnett sent me. These two are cases that have built in covers, though both are very different in design. The Cygnett Enigma as a Smart Cover like look to it with an integrated hard shell while the Cygnett Lavish has a more folio style look to it giving it a more professional look. Both are available right now in multiple colors and have uniquely different feels to them.

Cygnett Enigma

cy0970cieni_enigma_blue_ipadmini_web_1The Cygnett is a polycarbonate shell case that protects the rear of the iPad mini as well as the corners. It also has the added benefit of having a front rubberized screen cover with a microfiber inner lining that protects the screen from scratches. It is very similar in style to the official Apple Smart Cover except that it has some extra folds that allow for a rather creative way to prop up your iPad mini for viewing. The only thing really missing with this is the fact that the cover does not have magnets embedded in it which means that it does not work with the iPad mini’s built in sleep/wake feature.

Installation of the Cygnett Enigma isn’t too difficult. It’s basically a snap on design so you just have to snap the case around the edges of the iPad mini. It’s a tight fit so you’ll have to really push it in to get it to snap on all the way. Once on, it offers decent protection. The corners, rear, and the right edge of the iPad mini are protected. However, the top, left, and bottom edges are exposed so you’ll still want to be careful handling your device. The cover helps a bit with screen protection, but it doesn’t stay shut like it would if it had magnets or some kind of closure system. The way it is now, it can flap open pretty easily. Still though, having the cover is still better than not having it.

Overall, a decent, simple case. It gives you just enough protection for regular usage and if you don’t really mind it not having an actual “smart” cover, than this case perfect for you. The Cygnett Enigma is available now in either blue, pink, or black for $39.99.

Cygnett Lavish

cy0956cilav_lavish-black_ipadmini_web_2Here is the second Cygnett case I’ll be looking at here for the iPad mini that includes a built in cover. Unlike the Enigma case above, the Cygnett Lavish is a leather folio style case for those who want something a bit more professional looking. I’ve looked at the Lavish for the regular iPad before, but the Lavish for the iPad mini is slightly different. I’ll explain.

This version of the Lavish is not entirely leather like the larger version is. This version has a flexible plastic interior shell with a leather exterior folio style cover. The iPad mini is installed roughly the same way you would install it in the FlexiGel case. I actually like this better as you see more of the screen than you did on the larger version. The exterior leather portion is nice and thick and has a soft microfiber lining to help protect and keep the screen clean. On the cover, there is an extra little flap that has a magnet on it which is used to keep the Lavish closed when not in use. It however is not used for the sleep/wake function which this case lacks support for. That means you must remember to press the sleep button before closing it or make sure you have autolock enabled.

Overall though, I really like this case. The iPad mini stays secure in it and doesn’t move around and because it is in a FlexiGel like case inside, it is also well protected from drops. I love how you can use the case as a stand that can be adjust to different angles and the fact that it does latch close when no in use. I would like to see Smart Cover features, but you can still live without it.

The Cygnett Lavish is available in two colors – black and purple, and retails for $39.99.

Final Thoughts

Again, Cygnett comes out with two great cases for the iPad mini. Though they lack support for the iPad mini’s sleep/wake feature, but cases offer the kind of protection most people need. The Lavish in my opinion is a better case overall though than the Enigma and since they both cost the same, I’d choose the Lavish. The Lavish offers slightly better protection, a more professional look, and when you’re carrying it around, it doesn’t scream, “Hey, I’m an iPad. Come and steal me.”

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