q00-Black-FlipVue-iPhone5-Main-500Looking for a professional leather case for your iPhone 5? How about one with a flip cover on it that also protects your screen while in your pocket or bag? Well, Marware just might have something for you with their professional looking FlipVue case for the iPhone 5.The Marware FlipVue features a plush leather exterior and a soft microfiber interior. It’s held shut withVelcro and also includes a pocket on the inside of the flap to hold a couple credit cards, ID’s, or business cards.


The FlipVue is covered in leather on the outside, but the interior is made of a microfiber type material. Unlike the previous leather case I looked at here, the Marware one seems to use leather that feels a bit thicker and it also seems to be made a bit better as well. The interior, with its microfiber material fits the iPhone 5 a lot better as well and sits closer to the screen meaning that the sides of the case don’t interfere with usage. As usual, there are cutouts for all the necessary ports and buttons as well as a pass through below to have access to the Lightning port and audio jack when closed.

Inside the case, there is a card pocket on the flap that allows you to hold a couple cards such as a credit card or ID. It’s only one pocket however so you’ll be limited to how much you can actually carry. I wouldn’t really call this a wallet case however due to the fact that it only has 1 pocket.

There is one portion of the design however that I didn’t quite like about the FlipVue and that was the fact that it uses Velcro as its locking mechanism instead of magnets. It makes the whole case a tad bit thicker than it needs to be in this area and the Velcro also makes the case not close up as well as magnets would have.

Despite this, it’s still a very nicely made case that seems to be very durable and offer a good range of protection.


04-Black-FlipVue-iPhone5-Front-Open-500Installation is simple with this case. It installs from the top so you basically just un-tuck the little flap, slide your iPhone 5 in, and then tuck the flap back in. Once in, it stays pretty secure in its enclosure. The FlipVue does feel a bit thicker than the previous leather case I tried out, but it also feels more secure and strong.

Again like I stated above, the Velcro on here makes the flap not close up as well as it would if it used magnets. This is just a little minor thing as when you put the case in your pocket, it stays closed anyways. Like with most cases of this type, it’s not for everyone. Those who are constantly looking at their phones will not like this because you need to open the flap up each time. You also can’t seen any new notifications while it’s closed.

Final Thoughts

The Marware FlipVue is a very nice, professional looking leather case. If you’re a business man or someone who wants a case that isn’t all colorful and loud, the FlipVue is for you. It’s elegant, sleek, and adult looking. It’s a very well made case with excellent stitch quality, quality feeling materials, and great fit and finish. The only real problem I had with it is that the Velcro isn’t as clingy as it should be. It’s also fairly inexpensive too for a leather case coming in at just under $35.00. Please note however that some places describe it with a belt clip and in fact it does not have one. The old FlipVue had one on the iPhone 4/4S model but not for the iPhone 5.

Black – Marware FlipVue for iPhone 5 – Black

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