2013 Dodge Dart Limited - Front Hood Headlights View

2013 Dodge Dart Limited
I’ve been waiting to check out the Dodge Dart for some time now, and was much looking forward to getting into it. I have been a fan of Dodge for a long time, and even at one point want a Dodge Neon from back in the day. I see the Dodge Dart as the compact car replacement for the Neon in the Dodge line up. Also quite interesting is that there is an old school Dodge Dart that has been parked or abandoned by where I live, so it was quite interesting to see how it looked back then and now. As the title mentioned, this is one car I want, so let’s talk about why below.


2013 Dodge Dart Limited Rear Lights / Bumper The Dodge Dart Limited is without a doubt a great looking car. From the moment I laid eyes on it until the moment I had to give it back (I really wish I didn’t have to give it back), I loved the look of this car. From the front, the way the hood looks and the grill is nice. From the side though, it looks pretty plain and there is nothing distinctive there. Then when you get to the back, it gets quite sexy again with the back lights that looks similar to the the Dodge Charger.

On the inside, the interior was just a pleasing. While I didn’t like the color scheme personally (the review car we had was creme/white and gray), you aren’t limited to that color and you do have a few options. Review car interior color aside, the interior is very nice and complements the exterior very well.


2013 Dodge Dart Limited - Steering Wheel - Dashboard - InteriorFor a compact car and the pricing this is without a doubt the most technologically rich car I’ve driven. I mean it has almost all the tech goodies you want. You want a nice and big LCD screen in your center console, it is there. You want Satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and navigation it is in there. You want remote key less entry, blind spot and read cross path detection, push to start engine, dual zone climate control, heated seats, and heated steering wheel? Literally all of this and more is in the Dodge Dart Limited and all wrapped in a package starting out at $19,995. I especially love the ability to connect my phone very easily via Bluetooth for streaming music and making phone calls. This is a included and I always believe this should be standard on all cars. With that being said I was impressed with what the Dodge Dart Limited in the tech department.


I can’t stress how much I love driving this car. I literally was waiting a while to get this one, as this is a car I could see me buying this car. It is just the right size, has some good fuel economy and so has all the goodies I could ask for in the Limited model. The ride was sporty and I love the sound the engine made while driving. Seating in the Dodge Dart is comfortable with the heated seats and heated steering wheel on cold days. And being able to get in connect my phone and play my music is always a place. Again with the best point, if I was going to get car for the day to day, the Dodge Dart Limited could be it. I’m still holding out to see the Dart R/T or maybe SRT models.

Wrap Up

Starting at $19,995 the Dodge Dart Limited is a good contender for those who want a small (but not too small) car and wants one that is affordable but still allows you can to look good while using it. If you want some that looks a little sporty and is loaded up with cool tech features, this is the one you want to check out!