SonyZAs you might know, CES officially starts today and ends on Friday 01/11/13 but that usually doesn’t stop some of the heavy hitters from announcing their newest ahead of the show. We got to see some stunning displays such as the 4K Ultra HD TV from Sony and the latest in Samsung’s arsenal which was a Smart TV with elegant Ultra HD resolutions also.

Samsung also looks to make sure your TVs are future proof introducing what they call an “Evolution Kit”. The Evolution Kit is a small, square device box that slips into a slot on the back of the TV. This enables you to upgrade your 2012 HDTV to the latest of 2013. Also announced was their Samsung LED F8000 TV which houses an industry 1st, Quad-Core processor. The bezel and panel for the TV is so razor thin you can barely see it giving the illusion that the TV is hovering in the air.

Coming from Sony is their latest in the Xperia line of smartphones, the ZL and the Z. They feel light as a feather, with sleek designs, crisp displays and boasts things such as a 13MP camera, and dust and water resistant features (Z model only).

Keep a eye out for more from these companies and others throughout the week from the G Style Team!

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