Unless you been living under a rock for most of 2012, you would know Beats By Dre and Monster have parted ways, each having moved toward their own individual paths. Monster has so far released the Inspirations over ear headphones which look to be one of my favorites of the year with it terrific sound quality. They also have a mature grown up feel to them with no crazy designs, but adding customization can fix that. Another is the Diamond Tears which in themselves produce excellent sounds but what may trump that is the eye-catching design. Whats great is they aren’t just in white, there are black diamonds for the fellas too.

Next up to the plate is the Monster DNA. Linking up with Viacom, Monster looks to reach out to the average music listener and the vast music communities that are tuned into the multiple networks associated with Viacom. The two biggest things about the DNAs is its Duo Tone design giving you a mix of colors not usually seen together especially on a pair of headphones. The other thing is Monster Music Link providing you with sharing your music among others endlessly(really it allows up to five headphones). No more sharing those earwax covered ear buds.

How do they Look?

As stated earlier the DNAs have a Duo Toned design which makes for impressive color matches. Here we have blue and gray. Two of my favorite colors. Depending how they are looked at they can be blue mixed with gray or gray surrounding a sea of blue. If you want to make your own crazy of colors you can go the Monster website and create some snazzy mash-ups(will run you an additional $29.99). That’s the best option of purchasing them as you’re not likely to run into someone with the same pair.

Cups of the DNAs are in a triangular shape compared to the usual circle or square shapes you see in another headphones. I give Monster credit as they do stand out with the shape and also the color mix. They can be distinguished as their own style rather than someone thinking they are a copy of something else. Size wise they look to be in the Beats Solo area. They do collapse like other headphones but not on each other but instead bumping against the inner headband.

The cushioning of these feel soft and I didn’t feel any pressure on my ears from them. I have worn them a considerable amount of time without any discomfort. As with Monster headphones there is an audio jack on the left ear as is on the right ear. The cool thing as mentioned earlier is the Monster Music Link. Allowing you to connect multiple headphones to each other. Cool concept and could eliminate people sharing ear buds which has never been a favorite of mines, or getting these extension devices to contact additional headsets to.

The DNAs include a ControlTalk Cable for Apple and a standard audio cable. I love seeing these headphones(as others) come with multiple audio cables and aren’t attached. Audio cables were usually the problem with headphones in the past. Also is a Carrying Case to slip your DNAs in and there is a cleaning cloth which is needed with these. The stylish gloss looks good at the same time but is fingerprint magnet city.

Music to your Ears?

I had “No Worries” while listening to Lil Wayne’s title track. As well as listening to “Snapback and Tattoos” by Kendrick Lamar the clarity in the voices was precise. I was able to hear every lyric with ease without issue. The bass was felt and not over exaggerated.

Listening to songs such as Billy Joel’s “NY State of Mind” and “Beenie and the Jets” by Elton John, the instruments didn’t sound to good, but listening to him on Eminem’s “Stan” presented much better results. I would say they are better suited for the modern-day music. I enjoyed the short and high-pitched riffs of electro house band BodyRox performing “Yeah Yeah”. The booming bass boost in “Intergalatic” by Beastie Boys is incredible too.

Using it to make calls is no problem. The person on the other end can hear me clearly as I can also hear them with no problem. Calls were made using Windows Phone devices and also Android device. I just wish the ControlTalk options worked with either one and not just Apple.

These things can get pretty loud also. Make sure you don’t have your volume cranked to the max can you can possibly blow your eardrums out. I also seen at some higher levels some distortion seems to kick in. But looks how high you turn them up. I didn’t seem to experience any of this on the Inspirations at all.

Hit or Miss?

The DNAs are a great choice if you’re looking to turn some heads with its distinct headphone design and also different colors. Some of the lightest on ears I have dealt with. Songs sound great varying on what your listening to. Mostly for the modern music era and not the classic era. Can produce good bass, but going a little higher can possibly create distortion. You also check it outs big brother the Inspirations if you’re looking for more weight and bass.

The Monster DNA is available at various electronic retailers for $199.99 and with some color features add another $29.99.

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