Following the release of “Racing” the first installment in the “Tactical-Action-Racing” series, the guys at Fuel Overdose were kind enough to reveal the trailer “Action”. Sit back and enjoy the Trailer and let me know what you think.

The action in Fuel Overdose comprises:

-Upgradable weapons: Machine gun, rockets, mines

-The possibility to attack, defend and counter-strike at 360°

-Bombs located at strategic locations on the track and that can be detonated remotely

-Grappling hooks that can be used as weapons to attack and counter-attack

-Distinctive Super and Ultra Attacks for each character that can be unleashed once your Berserk gauge is filled

-Not to forget unique Skill moves for each character

-Combo chains to extend your chances of survival on the race track

-The possibility to play defense by triggering your shield

-Race Danger: a mass-destruction climatic catastrophe that only the highest bidder of the pre-race auction can summon

Fuel Overdose is scheduled for release on PlayStation Network and PC.



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