Monster Diamond Tears Crystal Headphones - Analie Cruz Monster is definitely a staple in the the consumer audio industry. Their presence in the industry has been felt even more strongly since they entered the headphone industry in 2008. Now headphones are a must have item, part of our outfits, and as interchangeable as shoes. Different headphones for different moods, and occasions. Without sacrificing quality, Monster gave headphones style and personality. Headphones are now the latest must have accessory.

Without a doubt Monster has become a leader in the new category of fashionable headphones. Nearly a year ago at CES 2012, head Monster, Noel Lee announced a new line of monster-branded headphones (no longer associated with Beats by Dre). These headphones embrace fashion and style. With the help of Korean pop mogul JY Park; Monster created the unique looking Diamond Tears on-ear headphones. These headphones do not only represent music listening; they represent a lifestyle.

Look and Style

Monster Diamond Tears -  Crystal Headphones  - Analie CruzLet me start by saying that the packaging of the Diamond Tears lets you know that you have purchased something special. It’s not any regular plastic packaging. They come in a black box; similar to a jewelry box (think diamond jewelry). You don’t know what to expect when opening it. When you lift the lid; the headphones pop up in a sort of 3D motion. The Crystal (clear) headphones, were laying beautifully on display on a velvet-like backing. Under the velvet board is where you find the rest of the components. You’re first mesmerized by the headphones. I couldn’t stop staring at them and analyzing the material. Are these headphones durable? They seem a little delicate. They may seem a little plasticky looking in pictures; but once you hold them and shine them up; you can see true quality build.

Monster Diamond Tears - Headband  - Headphones - Analie The headband seems to be the most solid part of the headphones. It says Diamond Tears going across and it has a silicone band on the bottom side; for wearing comfort. Also included in the box are three cables, yes three. One control talk cable is made for managing calls and music on iDevices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad). The second cable is for controlling all other devices such as Android smartphones and other tablets. The third cable is for airplane listening. The cables seem to be indestructible. The inner cord of the cables are metallic silver with a clear plastic coating on the outside for durability and a promise to be tangle free. What makes the cable nicer is the diamond on the control buttons. It matches nicely with the diamonds located on each side of the headphones. There is a headphone jack located by each ear cup; you can plug the cable to whichever side you choose. The available jack isn’t useless. Someone else can plug in their headphones and listen to your music along with you. Although I suggest you do this sitting down and not while walking. It might be kind of awkward.


Monster Diamond Tears - Headphone Jacks - Analie - @YummyANAI won’t lie; when I first saw these headphones I thought that Monster focused a little too much on the fashion side of it; and not enough on the sound quality. When putting them on you instantly feel the comfort. The leather-like foam cups surround your ears enough to isolate sound and create a good listening ambiance. The sound is caught me by surprise. Most headphones try to sound like they are high quality headphones by just cranking up the bass. This usually comes with distortion and muffled singing. The Diamond Tears have a more natural sound going. What do I mean by that? I mean that you hear a crisp sound. It’s clear and natural sounding. The bass is just right. It’s good enough for a punch on the beat; but it doesn’t drown out the voice or the rest of the melody. It’s the perfect balance of pulsating bass with clear sound.

When listening to Michael Jackson’s Fly Away, his voice sounds strong and clear over the melody. But when the beats comes in; it has a good blend. Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire sounds lively and fresh. Freddie Mercury’s voice sounds like a personal concert on Queen’s Radio Gaga. I yearned for a little bit more when listening to 2pac’s Point The Finga. The bass wasn’t as strong as I would like for that type of beat. It’s wasn’t completely missing; I guess I just wanted a little bit more oomph on that track.

Are These Diamonds Worth Buying?

Monster Diamond Tears Headphones - What's In The Box - Analie - @YummyANAThe Diamond Tears are definitely not just for the audiophile. These headphones take portable music listening to the next level providing a balance of comfort, sound quality and eye catching style. These headphones are for the stylish and fashionable audiophile. What I like about these is that while they definitely are shiny; they don’t go overboard (no sequins or excess bling). Just a shiny diamond finish. The clarity of sound is definitely mirrored in representation of the clear diamond finish. The crystal finish is definitely more feminine as they shine pink and white in the light. That varies with taste and fashion. But if you want a darker finish, you can go with the black diamond version of the Diamond Tears which offer a bluish-purple reflection in the light.

Nonetheless, you’re in for a treat. These headphones have a different sound that make you feel like you’re live with the artist. The only people that might not enjoy these are those who like a lot of bass. I am talking about bass over everything. They will won’t feel it enough. I personally enjoyed the balance of clear mids and percussion.

These headphones will set you back $250. Sounds about right for the price of diamonds. What I noticed most about the Diamond Tears is that headphones are no longer just a gadget add-on. They’re not to be overlooked or thrown away easily. They are to be taken care of as carefully as your smartphone/media player. They are to be polished (they come with a special headphone shine and wiping cloth), folded and put away nicely. Treat these like diamonds.

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