It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a gear bag as I didn’t think I had need of something new. In fact, I was quite happy with my current backpack which had enough storage space to hold all my daily gear.  However, it was a bit on the large side and sometimes, I just felt like there was a lot of wasted space in it depending on what I did and didn’t bring with me that day. With that said, I was introduced to ECBC and their line of daypacks. They sent me over their Javelin daypack (B7102) to check out and I have to say, I may have a new favorite backpack.




If you’ve never heard of ECBC, it’s okay, because I had never heard of them either until recently. Their motto is “Simplicity. Quality. Functionality.” Their Javelin daypack certainly follows these lines. If you look at it from the outside, it just looks like a clean, simple daypack. There are no crazy designs on it or extraneous buckles and straps. That means that the Javelin has a very professional, upscale look and doesn’t look like a regular backpack that you’d use for something like school or camping. Instead, it looks like something that would look right at home at a professional workplace or if you’re walking around the city in casual clothing. This may be the cleanest, most simplistic looking bag I’ve used, but that’s a very good thing in my opinion because I love minimalistic design.

Another design element that really caught my attention with the Javelin daypack is how incredibly thin it looks from the side. This is one of my main gripes with backpacks, mainly how thick they can look from the side and how much they can bulge out when worn. Not the case with the Javelin. This backpack, depending on what you have in there, can extend up to about 6 to 7-inches out, which is pretty thin. I’m also still able to carry all my stuff I would normally carry with me with plenty of storage pockets to spare.

Speaking of pockets, the Javelin has a bunch of them. On the outside, it looks like it only has 4 main compartments, which it does, but on the inside is where it really shines. You’ll find several zippered compartments (3) and several Velcro compartments (4) as well. I’m able to fit more in this bag in an organized way than I was able to with my older bag which I kind of just threw everything into the main compartment.

There is one feature though that is worth some serious attention. The Javelin features the TSA approved Fastpass system. What this means is that if you carry around a laptop or tablet with you, you will no longer need to remove them from your bag in order to clear security checkpoints. What it does is it lets you completely unzip the the portion of the bag where your laptop is held and allows you to fold it outward and flat so that it can be scanned separately while still being attached to the backpack. This is very handy especially for those who are afraid of having their valuable gear stolen.


External Features:

  • Dual zip-away powermesh water bottle pockets
  • Heavy-duty water resistant YKK zippers
  • High quality ballistic nylon with water repellent coating
  • Foam padded top handle
  • Air mesh back panel for comfort
  • Duraflex adjustable padded shoulder straps with adjustment points

Internal Features:

  • Protects up to 17” laptop in high density foam foldout compartment
  • Removable foam spacer to accommodate smaller laptops
  • TSA Approved FastPass foldout compartment for quicker security checks
  • Fleece-lined top utility pocket for music players, camera, sunglasses, etc.
  • Front zipper pocket for documents, plane tickets, passport
  • Main inside compartment for books, magazines, folders/paperwork
  • Cord Manager/Accessories pocket
  • Deluxe organizer panel with key hook
  • Double diamond rip-stop lining inside

Final Thoughts

For a company I’ve never heard of before, ECBC makes a really fantastic backpack with the Javelin. It’s comfortable to wear, compact, and fits everything I’ve thrown at it save for a full size DSLR. The quality of the bag itself is also very impressive. The materials used feel very heavy duty, even the zippers used feel stronger than most. Honestly, I’ve replaced the bag I was using before with this one as it does everything my previous bag did and more. Not only is it not as large as my previous bag, it still holds all the same stuff I had before and it does it in a much more organized fashion. It also looks really cool in all black with red stitching.

The ECBC Javelin retails for $129.99 and you can pick it up on their website here or the handy links below.


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