We features Luxe Plates way back in August of 2011 for the iPhone 4/4S and thought this was a really neat and luxurious way to make your iPhone look unique and classy. For those who don’t know what Luxe Plates are, these are stainless steel covers that stick to the back of your iPhone 5. They are meant to protect the rear of your iPhone 5 while also adding a lot of style to it. It’s a cool alternative to the regular clear protectors or the vinyl stickers most people usually apply. Each Luxe Plate features exclusive art from their list of featured artists, or you can send in your own designs to have one custom made for you. Each design is precision etched right into the stainless steel and can be left raw or brushed with black enamel for a completely different look.

You might think something like this would cost quite a bit, but you’d be totally off. In fact, these Luxe Plates aren’t any much more than what you’d pay sometimes for some clear protectors. At $26.95, that’s a fairly a acceptable price for something of this quality and material used. Each Luxe Plate is precision cut to fit perfectly on the rear of your iPhone 5. The edges line up perfectly with the rear cover extend all the way to the outer aluminum band. That means the only thing you’ll see out back is stainless steel, except for the bit of color from the camera/flash hole. Older Luxe Plates used to come in a variety of different enamel colors but now, you can only get the black enamel as an option. This is mainly due to the fact that the new iPhone 5’s no longer have bright, colorful bumpers as accessories.

Again, this is a great alternative I think for those who want to keep their iPhone 5 naked looking and don’t want the over all design of the phone covered up with bulky cases. This adds an extra layer of protection for the rear and keeps it from getting scratched or dented. Luxe Plates are very easy to install. All you have to do is remove the backing and then press the plate down firmly on your iPhone 5 and you’re done. This is a fast and easy way to add style to your iPhone 5 and a fun alternative to boring clear protection.

You can order your very own Luxe Plate on their website here. Again, they cost $26.95 each and you can choose from either one of their premade designs or you can send them a design of your own for them to make. Either way, you are getting a quality stainless steel back cover that will last you at least the life of your device.


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