Microsoft recently released the Smartglass app for Android. As of yesterday they have released the iOS version for iPhone and iPad. With the Microsoft Smartglass app; you can interact in new ways with your Xbox.

Acting as a second screen for the Xbox you can navigate the dashboard, browse and search the the net with Internet Explorer and Bing, navigate through your games library, and control content (such as videos and music). It has basic uses such as profile editing and updating. You can also chat with your friends.
Simultaneous game play is allowed in some instances with one person playing on the iDevice and the other person playing on the Xbox. Something really cool that you can do is watch TV shows (certain ones) on your iPad/iPhone then continue watching it on your Xbox.

This is how to setup the Smartglass App With Your Xbox:
1. First make sure your Xbox firmware is updated to the latest version.

2.In Settings > System > Console Settings > Remote Devices > Xbox SmartGlass Apps should be switched to on.

3. Open and sign in on the app with your Xbox Live account. (there are tutorials; but you can skip that by hitting start)

4. Click where it says “Connect to Your Xbox 360” (if you aren’t already connected)

Microsoft says more content for the smartglass is coming. Enjoy Xbox fans!

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