I’ve been using the same iPad 2 case for the longest time now only because it has been one the most convenient and slimmest cases I’ve used that also included a built in “smart” cover that would automatically put my iPad in wake/sleep mode. That case however has begun to show its age as regular day in and day out usage has made it look rough around the edges and the wear and tear on it is really starting to get noticeable. With that said, the folks over at Acase sent me one of their more upscale looking cases to try out, the Acase F1 classic leather case for the iPad 2 and New iPad.

First off, the Acase F1 looks really good. It’s all black on the outside, but is accented in red with the stitching and the inner lining. The entire front cover is made of real leather and has a very nice, premium feel to it. Unlike other covers that try to mimic Apple’s Smart Cover design with the triple folds, the Acase F1 only has 1 fold on the right side which is used to prop of the case in various positions. I think I actually prefer the way Acase made the front cover because it doesn’t flap around as much as the triple fold design. When folding the case back, it’s easier to keep it folded back and it doesn’t droop down like the others. It stays nice and firm.

The case itself on the Acase F1 is made from hard polycarbonate which is meant to be shatter and impact resistant. The shell is about 2-3mm thick and doesn’t add much bulk when snapped on. There are openings for the volume/mute switch, rear camera, top sleep/wake button, mic, audio jack, the 30-pin port, and there’s even a grill for the rear speaker. The rear of the case also has a textured pattern to it that makes holding the iPad a bit easier. The Acase F1 case also functions as a multi position stand. It can elevate the iPad for a better typing position as well as being able to use it for watching movies or displaying your photos.


  • Premium leather cover with robust PC base case protector, perfectly impact, fingerprints, slip and scratch resistance
  • Adjustable standing positions, works on any reading angles
  • Special design, comfortable angle for typing
  • Build in magnetic closure, automatically wakes and puts the iPad 2 and new iPad to sleep
  • All controls, buttons, and ports are kept open. Fits both iPad 2 and iPad 3.

I really like the look of this case, even with a white iPad. The black makes it look so sleek and the red accents really give it that high end look. I also like the fact that this thing uses real leather instead of synthetic materials and doesn’t cost that much at all. A search for it on Amazon will yield prices around $35, which is very good for a case of this type. The only 1 issue I had with the case is that once it’s on, it’s really on. It’s very hard to remove, but then again, I guess you don’t want your cases to just pop off whenever they feel like it. Overall though, a very good case that I am now using as my default iPad case.

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