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Cygnett AeroGrip Feel/Form Case for iPhone 5 Review

One of the most common type of iPhone 5 cases available are snap on cases. They come in a wide variety of designs and styles as well as materials and textures. For the most part, many of them start looking the same so manufactures have to find some way of differentiating their products. With that said, Cygnett has the AeroGrip Feel case for the iPhone 5 that is a snap on case design but features a soft feel exterior coating (Feel) or a glossy look (Form) and indented dimples along the edges for added grip.

Installing the Cygnett AeroGrip Feel is a breeze. You just snap it on and you’re good to go. Note however the case fits really tightly so you’ll need to push it in firmly in order for it to snap on correctly. Once on, the AeroGrip feel adds very little bulk to the iPhone 5. It’s a very thin and light case so your already thin and light iPhone 5 will stay that way. Again like most snap on cases though, you’ll find that it only protects the back and side edges of the iPhone 5, not the top or bottom edges near the screen. It does however protect the corners.

The Cygnett AeroGrip Feel/Form is another very good snap on style case for those who want something thin and light with decent protection. Like with most Cygnett cases, these also include crystal screen protectors as an added bonus. They are available now from Cygnett in a variety of colors for $18.99 which is very inexpensive. You can grab these here on their site.


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