The Apple iPad Mini event came and went. All those rumors claimed to be true about the iPad Mini. We all questioned and Apple definitely delivered! But in true Apple style they went one step ahead; one unexpected step ahead of the game. No, you didn’t hear incorrectly; Apple announced two tablets yesterday. Along with the iPad Mini; Apple revamped the New iPad with specs that will better performance and graphics. It is known as the New iPad with Retina Display. No one saw it coming so quickly! The first version of the New iPad was released just six months ago.

You can’t tell anything has changed by looking at the fourth generation iPad. So what’s new about it? The New iPad now boasts the lightning port that the iPhone 5, 5th generation iPod Touch and iPad Mini have. It also has the A6X processor (up from the A5X). It has dual band Wi-Fi connectivity. Of course it still has LTE connectivity; but it’s finally coming to Sprint! The front facing camera has been updated to 1.2 megapixels. It has the same weight, dimensions and battery life as the version released earlier this year.

So waiting six months to purchase the New iPad has paid off. Those who purchased the first version of the New iPad that was released earlier this year are annoyed and shocked. Their purchase is no longer the newest and fastest.

How many of you recently bought the New iPad? Did you just miss the return period? I saw many were upset over the

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