It’s that time of the year where all the holidays start bunching up. Halloween is coming up and soon after is the chaotic Thanksgiving. Before you know it; Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s will be here as well. That is a lot to keep up with; isn’t it?

Well here come our smartphones and tablets to the rescue. I have an app that will not only help you during the holidays (although that’s when you might need it most) but during most epic events and celebrations. Introducing the Sincerely App; the app that brings snail mail back in the swing of things with technology.

What is Sincerely Ink?

The app is easy to use and free. First you create an account that keeps your information handy for future use. You can choose from a variety of categories from birthday, baby, holiday, Halloween, and even election. After picking a card; or just using your own photo you can begin customizing it. Some cards come in different colors. The front of the card (with the picture); you usually put who it’s from; ie: “Thank you from The Cole’s”. The back of the card will have your detailed message and the recipients address.

The end result is a pretty one. The cards start at $1.99 and if you buy cards in bulk you’ll save even more on the price. Your card is delivered in 5 x 7 postcard/photo paper. It takes anywhere from 2-4 business days to arrive. You can sync the app with Facebook to remind you of birthdays. If you don’t have the recipient’s address; you can email or text him/her from within the app.


I’ll tell you why I love this app. I can’t count how many times I’ve dreaded going to the drug store to pick out a card. I don’t know why; it’s just a tedious job for me. Sending a tangible card is a lot more thoughtful than an email. An email just doesn’t seem too thoughtful. Enter Sincerely Ink App. With this app you can create, customize and send out your card; all from your smart phone. Something else crossed off my To-Do list!

There is nothing like customizing your own card. It gives a sense of thoughtfulness and warmth. I’ll admit that this app makes you even want to send out cards. I already sent out two. Sincerely Ink seems to have all the corners covered when it comes to your needs. Considering the prices include printing and postage the cards from Sincerely Ink are more than reasonably priced. It’s also nice to put all those pictures we snap from our smartphones to use.

Platform: Apple iPhoneand iPad iOS, Android
Price: Free

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