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Joy Factory Jamboree Case for iPhone 5

There are literally tons of cases already available from various manufacturers and hopefully, there’s one out there that is perfect for you. For me however, there is never really a perfect case. At the time, there might be a case that seems perfect, but I get bored of using the same case for long periods of time and like to switch them out every so often. If you own an iPhone 5, you know then that there are no shortage of cases to choose from. The Joy Factory is one such manufacturer that has come out with a ton of cases right at the get go. Today, I’m looking at the Jamboree case for the iPhone 5. It looks like a bumper case when you casually glance at it, but also has protection for the rear.

The one they sent me was the pink Jamboree. Obviously I didn’t use it for myself as I wouldn’t be caught dead with a pink case on my iPhone 5, but luckily my mom actually got the new iPhone 5 too and needed a case. With my mom, I try to find cases where I know it will protect her phone fully because she carries it around in her purse and she isn’t quite as careful with her iPhone as I would be. With that said, the Jamboree is the “perfect” case for her.

It has a rubber like band that wraps all the way around the outer edge of the iPhone 5. It has all the necessary openings for the speakers, mic, lightning port, and mute toggle switch. What I like about the case too is that it covers up the sleep/wake button and volume buttons for added protection. It even wraps a bit around the front face and allows you place the iPhone face down without it sitting on the screen. On the rear of the case is clear polycarbonate plate that protects the rear while allowing the look of the rear casing to show through. With the white iPhone 5, this is perfect as the reason for purchasing the white one is to show it off.

I like the Joy Factory Jamboree iPhone 5 case mainly because it doesn’t cover up the rear of your device. It’s basically like Apple’s old style Bumper case, but instead of just protecting the outer perimeter, The Jamboree protects the rear as well from dings and scratches. It comes in 3 different colors – black, white, and pink. It’s a great case for those who want to protect their device fully while still wanting to show off their new phones.

If you like the Joy Factory Jamboree, you can pick one up over at the Joy Factory website here in either Gray, Black, or Pink. You can also use the convenient links below as well.

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