If you guys were at New York Cities Comic Con you were able to see and try out a couple of Capcom games, one of the being Darkstalkers. Capcom has announced that the fan-favorite Darkstalkers franchise is back and ready to take the fight to current gen consoles. Featuring a unique and colorful cast of characters, blended with fast-paced fighting action, Darkstalkers Resurrection contains two games, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3, that will be available to download in early 2013 for $14.99 on PlayStation Network and 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge includes 14 characters based on classic horror and folklore monsters. The game utilizes the 3-punch, 3-kick system familiar to Street Fighter fans, but innovates on it with air blocking, air dashing and ability to perform extended chain combos. Additionally, there are multiple Special Gauge bars that can be built up to unleash ES and EX moves.

Darkstalkers 3 introduces additional characters into the Darkstalkers universe including Morrigan’s shadow, Lilith and soul-devouring Queen Q-Bee. The game adds a one-round system for even faster-paced gameplay and the Dark Force system which gives each character a unique ability that can be performed for a limited time.

The two-for-one priced combo breathes new life into each game with a slew of features including robust GGPO-enabled online game play, HD graphical filtering with multiple viewing options, replay sharing, Spectator Mode, in-game achievements, Challenge/Tutorial Mode and an un-lockable vault filled with concept artwork, videos and more.

Players who want to face-off against their friends online are able to with GGPO-enabled online game play that helps create a virtually lag-free fighting game experience. Building upon the online system previously introduced in Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, online game play now includes upgraded matchmaking with additional options such as region matching, ping lock and ping display.

While taking a break from competition, players have replay sharing and Challenge Mode at their disposal to help them hone their fighting game skills. Replays can be uploaded to the game’s match server or directly to YouTube. The Challenge/Tutorial Mode contains trials to help players deepen their knowledge of the characters and their specific strategies. For those that prefer to learn from watching other people play, Spectator Mode and “Watch With Friends” allows players to watch games either live online or saved from previous matches. Players can discuss both live and saved games in real time.


FAITHFUL RECREATION: Both Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 are faithful to the original arcade release of the games.

UPGRADED VISUALS: The games can be played with a variety of HD filtering options along with several viewing modes
ranging from full screen to over the shoulder arcade mode for those who want to re-live the classic arcade experience.

ONLINE FUNCTIONALITY: GGPO-enabled online game play helps create a virtually lag-free fighting game experience that
now includes upgraded matchmaking, with additional options such as region matching, ping lock and ping display.

REPLAY SHARING: Players will be able to save replays of their match and upload it to either the game’s match server or directly to YouTube.

SPECTATOR AND WATCH WITH FRIENDS MODES: Players waiting for their turn to fight will be able to participate by
viewing and discussing ongoing matches with Spectator Mode. “Watch With Friends” mode allows players in a private room to download or stream matches, where they can provide comments and discuss in real time.

UNLOCKABLE CONTENT FOR FANS: Challenge/Tutorial Mode features in-depth tutorials that teach useful strategies for each character. When challenges are successfully accomplished, during Challenge/Tutorial Mode or during regular game play, points are earned which can be redeemed to unlock vault items such as concept artwork, videos and more.

I already know most of you on my Xbox friends list will ask if I will be downloading the game, yes I will and yes I’m ready to battle you guys.

Genre: Fighting
Platform: XBLA and PSN
Players: 1-2 players locally;
up to 8 online
Release Date: Early 2013
Rating: T for Teen
Developer: Iron Galaxy

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