StarStar Me, is an add-on mobile service that allows customers to use a customized word or phrase in lieu of their mobile phone number. So instead of actually dialing your mobile phone number – people can call you on their mobile phone by tapping the star key twice, followed by the name, nickname, or unique word you chose, using either letters or characters on their keypad. It’s simple: dial ** then the 5-9 character combination you chose and voila! They get routed directly to your mobile phone.

Using the StarStar Me Android app (iPhone to come soon) you can manage your incoming calls. The app allows you to choose from several options:

  • Have StarStar Me calls ring your phone
  • Automatically reply to calls with a customized text message letting callers know that you’re unavailable (e.g. “I’m in a meeting”, “I’m driving”, “I’m in class”, “I’m on a plane”, etc.)
  • Reply to calls with a link to a mobile web page with your contact info.
  • Block specific callers
  • View a call log
  • Manage multiple StarStar numbers

    When you reply to calls with the link to your mobile web page, it provides your callers with your customized contact information. Your page can include a photo, your email address, contact phone numbers, your website URL, and/or links to your social media accounts. The person calling your StarStar number will also be able to easily save and add your info directly to their address book. This service can still be used without the app, however you will be limited to your StarStar Me number only being able to ring your phone.

    The service costs $2.99/month per StarStar Me number. Sprint allows subscribers to have two StarStar Me numbers per mobile phone number. Calls may be made to StarStar numbers within the United States from any Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T mobile phone.

    To sign up for StarStar Me, Sprint customers can simply call **ME (**63) on their mobile phone or visit The app can also be downloaded from Google Play (Android) and will soon be available in the Apple App Store (iPhone).

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