I’m a fan of Cygnett cases mainly due to the fact that not only do they function well, they are also usually pretty stylish as well. With the introduction of the iPhone 5, what I’m looking for in a case has slightly changed from what I wanted in a case with the iPhone 4/4S. With the iPhone 5, I still want something that protects, but at the same time, I’m looking for something relatively thin that doesn’t add much bulk to the the svelte new iPhone 5. With that in mind, Cygnett sent me their latest iPhone 5 case, the Cygnett Vector Tough case. The Vector, as described by them is a pocket friendly, impact resistant case that is inspired by the designs of skyscrapers and stealth jets. That may sound like a strange combination of things to take inspiration from, but surprisingly, it works well here.

The Vector is made of TPU impact resistant material and is labeled as a tough case. That means this case has been made to withstand impacts and drops more so than those polycarbonate cases I looked at last week. The Vector is a semi-flexible case that is easy to install on the iPhone 5. Once on, it forms a rather nice, tight fit and isn’t loose like a silicone case would be. The case has openings for the mute switch, camera, and separate openings for the lightning port, speaker, mic, and audio jack. Cygnett saw fit to mold in a covers for the volume buttons and sleep/wake button into the case which keeps those buttons protected while allowing them to be more easily accessible and raised. You’ll also notice that unlike a snap-on plastic case, the Vector wraps around partially to the front of the screen and is raised so that when placed face down, the iPhone does not sit on the screen.

I really like the design of the Cygnett Vector both in terms of function and because of the design. I like how there are 3D raised design elements here which adds a bit of grip for your fingers as well as adding a touch of flare to it. I usually like textured elements over just something smooth and simple because often times, it just looks too plain and boring. The Cygnett Vector is neither plain nor boring. It’s available in 2 colors, black and purple, and costs just $18.99. Very inexpensive considering how good it is and the fact that it includes a crystal screen protector. You can either grab it from Cygnett’s website or from the links below.

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