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3M And Roku Mixup To Bring You Portable Streaming Projector For $299

Today 3M known for various things in the industry but as of late its projectors including some portable ones has teamed up with well known Roku which has some of the more popular media stream boxes in the business to provide you with a Portable Streaming Projector. Its 4.3” x 4.2” x 2.0 which can fit in the palm of your hand and project starting from 6-120” diagonal of video. It runs off Roku’s Streaming Stick that was announced back at CES in January. It stated to produce close to three hours of video watching before the battery has to be charged. It states it uses DLP Cinema® technology to give you the ultimate picture quality. In essence its a portable projector with Roku’s Streaming Stick inside of it.

Checking it out at the event it was response pretty good(when WIFI/MIFI wasn’t giving issues) and the video quality did look pretty good. Seeing it in various scenarios seem to vary on background used, lighting, etc. Pricing isn’t bad for $299 and should be great for parties, sleepovers for the kids, or other activities. Right now it is available for preorder thru Amazon exclusivity and a $20 Amazon Video promo is being offered.

Look to hear more from us about the Streaming Projector when we review it shortly.

Also you can read more about it here

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