This week completes my review of the three American muscle cars I’ve always had an interest in. This week I took a look at the Ford Mustang GT, which I must say is quite the ride. I should also note, that if you have been following my car reviews, this is the second manual car I have driven now in my life (third is you count the short ride I took in the Chevy Spark during it’s press launch event). Unlike the Fiat 500 Abarth, the Ford Mustang has a lot of raw power under the hood, and took some getting use to. Raw power aside, what was my opinion of this American pony?


The Mustang I must say is the most elegant looking of the muscle cars. I don’t quite know the word I want to use for it. But just as a real horse is both elegant and majestic to look at, so is the look of the Mustang GT Coupe. It doesn’t look bad ass, it doesn’t have that gritty mean on the street feel, it is pretty. Especially the one I received which came in a nice Candy Apple Red.

When parked, I would stand some distance from it and watched as passerby’s would ogle the car and make comments as they strolled by. On the road there was the head nods, smiles, and stares as I cruised by. Even during the photoshoot I did for the header image you see at the top of our site, a gentleman had to stop by and ask some questions about the car. There was even a few people that tried to take a picture of the car with their phone on the low, they thought I didn’t see them lol. So the Mustang GT Coupe is quite the beauty!


The tech in the Mustang GT wasn’t over the top, but it definitely satisfied my needs. There was Bluetooth (phone and music streaming) on board. Also CD/DVD/Nav/Satellite radio and a nice LCD screen as well. Beyond the entertainment center, there was dual driver/passenger climate control, one touch power windows that roll the window all the way up/down without having to hold the button. Add in some heated seats and this is a nice rounded out vehicle on the tech side.


Driving the Mustang GT Coupe was an experience indeed. To start off I was given a manual one, if you have been keeping up with my reviews, you’ll know this would now make the second manual car I’ve had to drive. However unlike the Fiat 500 Abarth, there is a lot of power behind this Mustang GT. In my attempts to do what I learned on the Abarth, I had some issues and had to get use to the Mustang. My biggest challenge was trying to put the car in reverse gear. While I finally got it, it is definitely something I wouldn’t have figured out without reading the car manual (a first in my life, reading a car manual).

Once I got familiar with the Mustang GT, it was easy cruising from there. Again like I mention in the style section, the Mustang doesn’t scream mean in the streets or bad ass when you approach. When I stepped up to the car, I couldn’t help by admire it’s looks. The Mustang GT is a pretty looking car. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t feminine, but it is a muscle car with a softer edge to me, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. Dare I say it is the most stylish of the group? Maybe, my experience with the Mustang GT has been great and it has help reinforce my desire to keep driving manual cars as well!

Wrap Up

Clocking in at 42,000+ (as configured for the one I used), it is a little pricey. When it comes to fuel consumption, the Mustang GT did okay but I do wish it was a little better. When gas price a little past $4.00 right now, I would shy from a muscle car that is a little more aggressive on fuel. Other than that, the Ford Mustang GT Coupe is powerful, pretty, and tech friendly. I couldn’t ask for anymore!

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