This is the second of the X-Doria iPhone 5 cases that I’m taking a look at and this one is called the Venue. Unlike the Dash case, this one is a lot more protective with two layers of protection. The Venue isn’t a simple snap on shell case. Instead, the Venue is a made from a polycarbonate shell that is lined with soft rubber for shock absorption. What’s great here about the Venue though is that both materials are “comolded” into each other, meaning that they are all part of the same construction. Because of this, the Venue has a really unique look where the rubber material creates a nice contrast against the glossy polycarbonate shell. For those who like colors, the Venue comes in an array of basic black and white along with much loader colors like neon green and hot pink.

I like the way the Venue is made much more than just the regular shell type cases like the Dash was. The rubber coating on the inside allows the iPhone 5 to be gripped by something softer. I’m not really a fan of plastic on metal contact if I can avoid it. The rubber interior has a unique textured pattern to it and even though you can’t see it once you put the case on, it’s a nice touch that shows real attention to detail. Not sure if you can tell from the pictures or not, but the rubber lining also extends up over the top of the case and some of it wraps around to the back of the case. This allows the case to be a bit more grippy in your hands which is always a good thing, especially with how slippery phones can get sometimes. The Venue will also cover up your volume buttons and sleep button with rubber versions of them which is a nice touch of added protection. The bottom is completely open though allowing easy access to the lightning port and audio jack.


  • One-piece design snaps on for a secure, slim fit
  • Raised rubber accents on the exterior provide grip and stylish detail
  • Soft rubber lining protects from shocks and jolts, while making a colorful contrast to the glossy main body
  • All ports and controls are easily accessible

There are a couple of issues though that I should address and they are mainly cosmetic issues. If you get the glossy black models, like the one that they sent to me, note that that it is a huge fingerprint magnet. The glossy coating will pick up fingerprints like there is no tomorrow and you’ll be cleaning it often. Also note that with the gloss black, you’ll also notice more scratches on the case when it does get scratched. If you’re anal about how clean your case looks, you may want to go with a different color.

The X-Doria Venue is a solid case that is surprisingly thin considering it’s dual material construction. It does add a bit more bulk than the Dash case did, but not much more. You iPhone 5 will sit nice and snug in the case and I do like how it covers up the two volume buttons and the sleep button up top. With cases like this, I rather have that than having to deal with trying to press those buttons when they are recessed inside a case. I also like the fact that they used rubber instead of silicone because it picks up a lot less lint than silicone does and isn’t as squishy feeling. You can pick up the X-Doria Venue on their site for $34.99 or at the link below. Currently only the black is available but the other colors will be available soon.

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