If you’re looking for an iPhone 5 case that is a bit different, you may want to check out the X-Doria Engage Form case. I reviewed this case a while back for the iPhone 4/4S and for the most part, it’s pretty much the same exact case, just a bit taller, thinner, and now it comes in more colors. Like the previous version, the Engage Form is made of lightweight polycarbonate that helps to reduce scratches and impacts to your iPhone. The colors this time around though are a lot different and are now all metallic type colors. In my case, X-Doria sent me a light ash colored Engage Form that is a fancy name for metallic silver. The new metallic finishes make the case look like it’s made out of strips of metal than it does polycarbonate.

Again like the lat version of the Engage Form, this case is a simple snap on shell style case. Basically just snap the case on and you’re set. The case is pretty slim too, though not quite as slim as the Dash is due to the 3D texturing on the rear. It does however provide much more grip because of the texturing. Like the Dash, the Engage Form does not have raised edges up front so that means when placing the iPhone face down, it will be resting on its screen and not the case. Also like the Dash, it does not completely surround the outer edges of the phone with the top and bottom edges being exposed.


  • Lightweight polycarbonate protects from scratches and impacts
  • 3D form adds a completely unique tactile experience to your iPhone
  • Bright, metallic colors let you individualize your look

I’m glad that X-Doria got rid of the soft-touch rubber finish from the previous version and replaced it with a metallic finish. I’m not a big fan of soft-touch as I find that it becomes quite sticky after a while under certain conditions. I also like that the weave pattern is now of a diagonal pattern now instead of the horizontal/vertical pattern from before. It just looks more aesthetically pleasing. Overall, a very good looking, stylish case for those who want something different.

The X-Doria Engage Form for the iPhone 5 is pretty much exactly like the original one that was made for the iPhone 4/4S. The only difference is that it is longer and slimmer than the previous one. Also, the Engage Form for the iPhone 5 comes in a lot more colors and not just black and silver. The X-Doria Engage Form is available on their site for $29.99 and can be purchased in a variety of colors. Currently, only Light Ash is available to order but the other colors will be available soon as well. You can also use the link below to purchase.

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