Nintendo confirmed today to famed Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that The Wii U will be region locked.

What Region lock means is that the Wii U console will only be able to run games from its own intended geographical area, which means no playing Japanese or European Wii U games in North American consoles and vice versa (at least without hacking the system).

Nintendo’s Wii, along with all of its predecessors dating back to the Nintendo Entertainment System, are region-locked.

Microsoft and Sony allow publishers to decide whether their titles should be region-locked or not.

Me personally, I’m not happy about these changes. I play a lot of Japanese games that North America will not see. Let’s be honest Japan get’s better games then we do, and if we do get the game we get a year later.

With the Nintendo Wii U being region locked, will this change your mind about purchasing one when it’s released on November 18?

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