Motorola Mobility always looking to make some cool wireless headphones have decided to improve on prior models your familiar with such as the S9 and S10 and introduce the S11-Flex HD. Testing them out in hand they are very light and seemed very comfortable on the head.

They do sport multiple adjustment points to make sure to fit just about anybody. Whether your going to use them to listen to music, converse on your device or even workout out in them(they are sweat resistant). Best thing about them your supposed to be able to get 150 feet wirelessly on them. This would be great if this can be done.

Check out more about the Motorola S11-Flex HD below in the presser.

Press Release

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. – Sept. 20, 2012 – A fit made for you, a sound all its own. The new Motorola S11-FLEX HD wireless stereo headphones deliver HD audio and feature five adjustment points to create a super-customized fit. Made with you in mind, these headphones will stay snug while delivering pulse-pounding sound during your most rigorous workouts. S11-FLEX HD will be available beginning Oct. 28, 2012 at Best Buy and online at and Best for $129.99.

The first of its kind, S11-FLEX HD has a flexible outer band, adjustable inner band, and telescoping and rotating ear pieces which let you adjust your headphones so they feel lightweight, balanced and ready for even the most intense workouts. And thanks to protective seals and moisture-repelling mesh, sweat stays out and music stays on. Did we mention it’s wireless? Whether you’re working out or walking to work, you’ll never worry about losing your sound with slipping ear buds or a yanked cord again. The S11-FLEX HD headphones can stream music up to 150 feet from your smartphone or music player so you can do a circuit at the gym, clean the house or work in the yard without having a music player hugging your hip.

“It’s a custom-fit world with fashion, furniture and even food being created to fit the unique needs of every individual – we decided technology shouldn’t be any different,” said Dickon Isaacs, Design Director, Consumer Experience Design, Motorola Mobility. “That’s why we built upon our popular S9 and S10 series to create an amazing headset that can be tailored and custom fit just for you.”

The pulse-pounding audio from the S11-FLEX HD will blow you away. Advanced acoustic technology delivers crystal clear highs and body-thumping bass to keep you grooving whether you’re at a packed gym, running through a noisy downtown or on a quiet trail run. Plus, with customizable equalizer settings, you get to decide how to listen to your music. Pump up the bass, choose virtual surround sound, or go for a more balanced setting. The multi-function button on the headset makes choosing your settings easy and the sound will beat even your favorite wired headphones.

“S11-FLEX HD delivers the kind of sound you’d only expect from a wired headset – high quality, crystal clear audio — with the ability to adjust the fit and customize the sound for a personalized experience that no other product delivers and without the wires,” said Cedric Welch, Senior Director, Companion Products, Motorola Mobility.

S11-FLEX HD works just as hard to keep you connected as it does to keep you jamming during a workout. Perfect for a hands-free commute, the dual high-performance mics deliver top-of-the line noise cancellation for crystal-clear sounding calls that other headsets simply can’t offer.

Additional features:

Dedicated music and volume controls for easy adjustments
Multiple ear cushion models in various sizes to maximize fit and sound
A quick five-minute charge fuels a full-hour workout with music
A 15-minute charge delivers your favorite workout tracks for up to three hours
Universal compatibility with devices from all major brands.

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