I have now been using the Summit 3000 by myCharge now since the beginning of August and really have been putting it through it paces to see how it fit in with my workflow and if it could really come in handy in a pitch. Spoiler alert, it definitely has! myCharge comes from the same company that bring you myPowerbag, another favorite here at G Style. So let’s take a look at it what it does and how well it has been doing it.


I’ll be honest here, I won’t call the Summit 3000 the more stylish battery charger in the bunch. Although I for some reason do like the white front with that little splash of neon green area that is the cover for the usb plug. Otherwise its two main charging ports, the Apple connection for iOS devices and the mini USB plug for most other devices come in a gray color. The front and back is white.


The Summit 3000 by myCharge is a great little device when you find you will be on the road or just out and about for awhile. It packs a 3000mAh battery inside that can charge up your device so you can stay connected for extended periods of time. With the 3000mAH battery it can charge the average smartphone about two times and even some tablets. During my use I mainly was charging my HTC One X and gave my new Nexus 7 a few go around. With the Summit 3000, I was able to change my One X up about one and a half times. With my Nexus 7, if it was around 20-30% battery left, I could get it to about 75% using the Summit 3000

Another cool things I like about it was the fact that it talks. When you push a button it speaks to your and tells you the current battery level. Or if you plug in a device, it will tell you it is powering on and charging Apple or mini USB device. I feel like I had a mini KITT from Knight Rider with me (although just with a limited vocabulary) lol.


The Summit 3000 while not quite a style icon, it isn’t ugly either. And it is quite functional. When I was out and about, it has come in handy on some many occasions. I bring the myCharge with me whenever I go out and know I might be out awhile. I’ve charged up my phone when it gets below a certain point, and that has been the main use. I do use it on my Nexus 7, but the battery life is good enough on that where I don’t need to as often, but for the phone yet it is good to have around as that LTE radio sucks down juice pretty quick with moderate to heavy use.

Wrap Up

The myCharge Summit 3000 will run you about $79.99, which isn’t bad for a device that will keep your primary devices charged and running over and over again. I do wish it looks a little better, so I could proudly display it with my device while charging. You may now care about that kind of thing, but this would be G Style if we didn’t touch on the fashionable aspect of this charger. Beyond that it is a great device and one that I will continue to make use out of going forward.

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