Tampa’s Underground Hip-Hop scene has been blazin’ like “Fahrenheit 813” (Big shout out to Celph Titled, Dutchmassive, Magik Most and the whole Demigodz and Army of Pharaohs movement) for some time now. What looks to be the next Tampa movement is 15-9 Entertainment which was founded by CEO Sporty Jit aka Mr. 15-9 with the focus on assisting peepz in turning a negative into a positive creating real music and authentic stories through music. A couple of cats out of the camp, Trigga Trav featuring Tony Da Belo have one of those authentic and unique storytelling tracks “Tony Dabello Pt. 1” produced by Dirty Red that’ll take you back to that Al Pacino‘s hood classic “Scarface.”

It’s that conversation between one kid on the come up with a proposition to partner up with the reluctant O.G. of the game with the new hottest product on the block. This is just Part One of the three part series.

Tony Da Belo and Trigga Trav instinctively ride the appropriately mid-tempo track enhancing the story told. The kid Trigga Trav boast about his climb and what better opportunity can be made to lock the game down to Da Belo with:

“I’m the mutha*****n’ definition of bad, an ecstasy general/Tanks after tanks I flip ’em like pancakes I got red ones green ones blue ones orange ones/It’s so many beans it’s like I live on a farm plastic bags Ziplocs I ship ’em on the plane/and just last week I got a hundred tanks off the train/Tony Dabello you are a cocaine King but there’s a new King in town/so bow down to me now.”

I believe “Tony Dabello Pt.1” is a great start to what could be a tight Hip-Hop Trilogy that will actually follow up, considering the majority of the Hip Hop Sagas- be it music videos and/or songs tend to leave is with…. “To Be Continued” and never come to fruition. So let’s wait and see as the Trilogy develops so mos def take a listen music video coming soon.

Peep the track right here:
Tony DaBello