So this week was the big unveiling of the latest entries into the Lumia series phones splashed with Windows 8 goodness on them. Nokia went ahead and had a couple events catered to this, with their big press conference Wednesday morning and then a little more press related one in the evening (later open to the public for some a hour later).

Live Look

I would like the event was to give the consumers more of a hands on approach to seeing the devices first hand but unfortunately they were giving us “its the prototype” model at the moment there. Which was interesting but whatever. First off we got to see some usage of some the cool apps being shown off or upgraded for Windows 8 Phone.

Apps such as the Nokia Maps which showed offline support. Giving you the ability to download a whole city or country which is great for those exotic destinations you may frequent and not have any data coverage. Another things would be augmented reality, turn by turn and such. The City Lens is another app they are trying to push out is basically Augmented Reality. I have a few apps do this for the past couple years but Nokia may have it.

Wireless Charging & NFC

The features I may been more interested in at this point was the wireless charging and NFC capabilities. Wireless charging has been around for a little while but Nokia has made it a effort to make it look clean as possible in the process. I was able to see the Lumia 920 just tap the JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker and place it on top to charge and it was synced. No real effort on the part of the consumer. Also this was done with the Nokia Purity Headset Pros by Monster. Utilizing the technology to incorporate this.

Wrap Up

The new line of Lumia series phones look they can take a stab at the mobile arena of devices out. But at this point we definitely need a pricepoint for the 820 and 920. Also which carriers will be getting these. With the 900 AT&T only and the 710 only for T-Mobile last time around I hope there is more choice and freedom with these.

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